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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ and Nicole Hit The Sheets…Just as Samantha Gene Returns

Days of Our Lives Recap For December 9, 2021
EJ DiMera, Nicole Walker, Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel, Arianne Zucker

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Belle and Shawn Douglas at the Salem PD. He has called her in to tell her about Brady. 

At University Hospital, Brady is rousing from his drunken stupor with Chloe by his side. If he didn’t know any better, he would think he has a hangover. He wonders why he’s in the hospital and Chloe is hoping he can tell her. 

At Chez Hernandez, Ava is wondering why Rafe hasn’t responded to her text when Gabi enters. She hopes that Ava has lost Rafe…for good. 

Outside the DiMera mansion, EJ walks up on Nicole and Rafe who were a little too close for comfort. EJ wonders what Rafe is doing outside his house. He explains he is there to investigate Kristen’s escape. 

Flashback: EJ and Ava discussing her role in Kristen’s escape. 

At Casa de Walker, Allie and Samantha Gene embrace upon her return after months from being kidnapped. 

Like sands through the hour glass…

At Chez Hernandez, Ava thinks it must be so exhausting for Gabi to be such a bitch all the time. Gabi thinks it’s only a matter of time before Ava screws things up and clues Rafe into just who she is. Gabi says that Rafe is sweet but he’s not stupid.

Side Note: Um….

Ava explains that Gabi has no idea the feelings Rafe has for her. Gabi thinks if her plan with Philip to take over her company had worked Ava would be out on the street. Ava responds by saying Gabi will be out on the street long before she is. 

Side Note: Gabi is having so much fun ribbing Ava…and her “mediocre pasta”.

Ava grabs a knife and tells Gabi it is also an instrument she is good with...and to remember how Carmine ended up on the kitchen floor. As Ava holds the knife up in front of Gabi, Rafe enters.

On cue, Gabi runs to Rafe. and tries to act all helpless and afraid of Ava and her knife. Ava says Gabi is up to her old tricks. Gabi wants Ava arrested. Rafe decides to send Gabi to her room with her ice cream. She only agrees to leave because Jake is waiting for her. 

Ava calmly asks Rafe about his investigation into Kristen’s escape. She assumes his questioning of Chad is what delayed him. Rafe quickly lets her know he ran into Nicole. 

Outside the DiMera mansion, EJ assures Rafe he had nothing to do with Kristen’s disappearance. Rafe is not so sure and wonders if EJ has any ideas about who helped Kristen. EJ reminds Rafe that investigating is his job and sweeps Nicole into the house, but not before she lingers behind staring at Rafe. 

At Casa de Walker, Tripp checks Samantha Gene out and says her vitals are pretty solid...considering. He suggests she see a “real” doctor. Lucas gets all over-protective and Samantha Gene tells Allie her daddy is a real hero. 

Samantha Gene tells Allie and Tripp about the story of her kidnapping. She knows who her captors were, but not the name of the mastermind. Samantha Gene thinks there is a motive beyond money. She thinks she knows who did this to her. She assumes it was Nicole since she blew up her marriage to Eric. No one in the room agrees with Samantha Gene. She moves on by reminding them she took her newborn child (Sydney) and pretended it was her own. Tripp jumps in and is like, “really?”

Side Note: Really Tripp? Your mother is THEEEE Ava Vitali and this mess is tripping you out? Also, wasn’t there an undead brother running around recently?

Everyone tells Samantha Gene that Nicole is past Eric and also reminds her that her marriage to EJ is over. This all seems new to Samantha Gene, who reminds them she was going to try to repair her marriage before her unfortunate kidnapping. 

Flashback: Samantha Gene trying to talk to Gabi about staying at the mansion when she is kidnapped…and drops her necklace. 

Samantha Gene decides it’s time to go to EJ because he must be so worried about her. Lucas doesn’t get why she would possibly go crawling back to him. They go after each other, but she insists on heading over to the DiMera mansion. Lucas just wants her to be okay, but she is determined to go get her man back. 

Side Note: Oh Samantha Gene.

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At University Hospital, Chloe asks Brady about the last thing he remembers. He says the last thing in his head is seeing Chloe outside the Brady Pub. Chloe reminds a clueless Brady he was down at the river where she found him on the ground. Brady very clearly has no clue what happened. Chloe adds that he was REALLY drunk. 

Brady says he hasn’t even thought about picking up a drink, much less actually drinking it.

Side Note: That’s not really true, Brady. cc: Maggie

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Chloe tries to get an explanation for how all of this came to pass. Brady is clueless about all of this insanity and its origins. Chloe had been looking for Brady all night long once she realized Philip was missing and no one knew where Brady was. She tells him there was a knife on the ground next to him covered in Philip’s blood. Brady FINALLY gets a clue and understands that Chloe thinks he had something to do with Philip’s disappearance.

Chloe goes on to explain that Philip’s cell was in Brady’s pocket. She and Shawn D looked through his phone to see if the could determine his location, but all they saw were texts from Brady. Chloe gets permission from Brady to check his phone. All that appear are text messages to Philip. He has no memory of sending these messages. 

Brady thinks all of this is ridiculous. No one could possibly think he went to the river, ripped a tree from the ground, knifed Philip, and then passed out.

Side note: Brady makes sense.

Chloe tells him that Philip’s blood was all over the knife and Brady. They are now dragging the river for Philip’s body. 

At the Salem PD, Belle is confused by Brady’s sudden relapse. Shawn Douglas assumes the temptation for Brady was much too strong. He adds that Chloe found him passed out by the river’s edge covered in blood. Belle freaks out that Brady was hurt until Shawn D tells her the blood was Philip’s. 

Belle quickly gets a clue and understands that Shawn D thinks that Brady knifed Philip. Belle protests, a wee too much, that Philip MUST be okay! 

Shawn D shows Belle the texts between Brady and Philip. She scoffs at the idea that Brady would threaten Philip in such a way. Just then, the phone rings from forensics confirming Brady’s prints are the only one’s on the bloody knife. Belle goes into lawyer mode and starts questioning every piece of evidence Shawn D thinks he has. Belle pipes up and says she has a quick and easy way to come up with a sample of Philip’s’s already in the hospital DNA base because of ALL the paternity tests. 

Inside the DiMera mansion, Harold has told EJ that Chad and Abigail have retired for the evening so they will be dining alone - unless he would like to invite Rafe. Nicole scoffs and says they were talking about Kristen. Nicole relents and admits they were having a moment. 

Side Note: It is so refreshing how honest EJ and Nicole are with each other. 

EJ continues to goad Nicole about Rafe, when she turns the tables and reminds him he is still, very definitely, not over one Samantha Gene Brady. He denies her claims, but Nicole won’t let go. She thinks he used to be a better liar than he is now. He wonders how he could possibly be interested in Samantha Gene when she is standing in front of him. EJ kisses her to convince her, but she suddenly envisions Rafe where EJ stands.

Side Note: Are we supposed to believe Nicole prefers Rafe over EJ?

To distract herself from Rafe, Nicole wants to take EJ to bed. He agrees to do his best to wipe Rafael Hernandez from her mind. 

Side Note: Their tension just drips with sex…and so does their actual sex when they go upstairs. 

EJ and Nicole are in the afterglow of round one discussing memories of their first time together. He wonders if it’s as good as she remembers. Nicole thinks it is different - in a good way. He wonders if it was good enough to make her forget about Rafe…

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Chloe and Brady continuing to discuss the bizarre nature of his collapse at the river. Chloe explains there is something else she didn’t tell him. When he roused from his drunken state, he said “Screw Philip he doesn’t deserve you." Brady says he would have remembered if he had harmed Philip. 

At the Salem PD, Shawn D says they ran the test and the blood on Brady, and the knife belongs to Philip. 

At Casa de Walker, Lucas tells Allie if he had known Samantha Gene would go running back to EJ, maybe she would have left her with her kidnappers…

Across town, Nicole and EJ are still basking in afterglow. She isn’t quite ready to tell him that their sex erased Rafe from her mind. She wonders if it erased Samantha Gene from his mind. They both decide that round 2 is necessary...enter Samantha Gene!

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