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Perkie's Observations: Ms. Wu Threatens Britt and Deals With Sonny on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 9, 2021
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Lydia Look

Lydia Look

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie says she wants Peter dead, but Sonny says he has to live. Sonny says if Peter dies they won't find Louise, but Maxie says Peter doesn't know where the baby is. Maxie says Peter can't be allowed to get away with any of the evil deeds he's done, especially Jason's death. Sonny says bringing up Jason isn't the way to go, but Maxie says Peter won't stop.

Laura manages to knock out the laundry lady and helps Martin, as the agent in charge deals with the hit-woman. Laura insists on knowing who sent the hit-woman, but she refuses to talk and is taken away. Laura believes this is the only hitman Cyrus sent after them and she wants to head back to Port Charles. Laura says she'll deal with Cyrus and protect Martin.

Britt's a little grossed out by Liesl and Scotty's public displays of affection. Nina pops in and discusses Peter with Liesl. Nina blames herself for Jason's death, but Liesl disagrees. Liesl is surprised to hear about the charges against Nina and what happened in Nixon Falls.

Liesl tells Nina to make amends with Britt because she's upset about Jason's death. Nina promises to be there for Britt. Liesl tells Nina to fight for her life when she goes to court and not cower to the Corinthi.

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Scotty and Liesl discuss Nina's case. Liesl wonders why Sonny hasn't lifted a finger against Nina. When Scotty mentions the name Mike, Liesl remembers a conversation with Nina about the guy she fell for, who's name was Mike.

Ava's concerned about Victor's evil shenanigans and Nikolas says he wants nothing to do with what his uncle is up to. Ava says Victor is using Nikolas as his pawn and asks if there is anything else Nikolas hasn't told her. Nikolas tells her that Shawn didn't shoot Hayden, but someone else did. Ava says she knows Nikolas hired that person. Nikolas promises that's all of his secrets and the two make out in front of the fire.

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Ms. Wu pays Britt a visit and introduces herself as Brad's aunt. She tells Britt she wants her to stop being Brad's friend. Ms. Wu says if Brad's parole is granted, she wants Britt out of his life so he can rehabilitate his character. Ms. Wu believes Britt is a bad influence on Brad and warns her to abide by her wishes.

Maxie and Britt get caught up. Maxie tells her she met with Peter to prove he has no hold on her. Maxie's certain that Peter won't be an issue for much longer. Nina pops in and Maxie invites them both to her place to celebrate the end of Peter.

Ms. Wu asks Michael if he plans on going to Brad's parole hearing and isn't happy to learn he will speak against Brad.

Carly tells Michael to be less confrontational with Ms. Wu. He says he plans on speaking at the hearing, though he won't block the parole. Carly mentions how things are not great between her and Sonny, but they're working things out. 

Sonny meets with Ms. Wu, gives her a photo of Peter, and tells her he needs to be dead before trial. Sonny says he can't do it since he'll be the first one suspected. Ms. Wu agrees, but wants something in exchange.

Ms. Wu brings up Brad and asks Sonny to use his sway to approve the parole. Sonny balks, but she insists, so Sonny agrees to talk to his guy on the parole board. Ms. Wu mentions Michael's planning on speaking against Brad, but Sonny promises he's on the opposite side. Sonny warns her if Brad goes near Wiley once he's free, there will be hell to pay.

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