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WATCH: The Young and The Restless' Melissa Ordway and Conner Floyd Tease Chance's Homecoming (VIDEO)

Abby Newman, Chance Chancellor, The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless stars Melissa Ordway (Abby) and Conner Floyd (Chance) sat down with Michael Fairman TV in their first joint virtual interview since Floyd joined the show. The pair previewed some of the drama in store for their characters.

Michael Fairman asked whether Chance might be suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a similar issue after surviving an explosion. Floyd mused:

Well, you know, I think Chance is going to have a hard time adjusting. He’s going to get thrown back into real life and he’s a new father; he’s a new husband. So he’s coming from this crazy world that he lived in for a long time and it really impacted him in a way and he’s now getting thrown back into real life. So it’s just going to be a really big adjustment for him.

Could Abby's bond with Devon (Bryton James), her son's biological father, spell trouble for the Chancellors' marriage? Ordway said of Abby and Devon:

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Every time I get a script, I’m like, 'Are they together yet? What’s happening, like what’s going to happen?' Because I was filling in Conner, like that this started before me, like the character of Abby and Devon, they have always had something going on. And so when I first started on the show, that’s been my goal for the past—it’s been like nine years—and I’m like, 'So are Devon and Abby going to be together yet?' And it’s always been like close but then he was in love with Hilary [Mishael Morgan] or I was in love with someone else and it just never happened. I invited him to come to Miami with me, which we joke around about a lot, and he rejected me and that didn’t happen.

Ordway added she does not know what is going to happen between Abby and Devon, but she is "interested to see." Meanwhile, Genoa City will play host to a welcome-home party for Chance, but what will his reaction be? Floyd teased:

I mean, like I said earlier, it’s a lot of adjusting. He’s bene on his own for a while and now he’s coming back to normal life, being surrounded by all these people who are asking him questions, praising him for stuff he thinks he doesn't deserve, so yeah, it’s just going to shock his world a little bit.

Watch the full interview below.