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Perkie's Observations: Was Peter's Breakfast Pickled With Poison on General Hospital?

General Hospital Recap for December 10, 2021
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Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny tells Selina that Michael will speak at the parole hearing with the intent to keep Brad in prison. Selina reminds Sonny that everyone should keep up their end of the bargain. Carly wonders what bargain Sonny has struck up with Selina, but he's not talking business. Sonny tells Carly they need to replace Jason, but she says Jason isn't replaceable. The two reaffirm their love for each other.

Peter tells Anna that Sonny has put a hit on him and he's not safe in lockup. Anna says he's safer in his cell and Sonny is too smart to risk it. Anna says Peter has made a lot of enemies and he'll have to take care of himself.

Anna says Peter needs to confess every sin he's done and give up all rights to Louise. She says he needs to take his punishment like a man. Peter wants a life with Maxie, despite Anna trying to reason with him. Anna says if he owns up to what he's done, she'll do what she can for him.

Chase complains to Brook Lynn about his suspension from work and how upset Willow was to hear that he fathered Bailey. Chase says he's ready to be a proper father to Bailey.

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Willow questions Michael's decision to speak at the parole hearing. Michael is determined to keep Brad away from Wiley. Michael and Chase get into an argument about Bailey's paternity. Chase wonders if they can get past it.

Brook Lynn says Chase had no idea he was Bailey's father and to blame her and not Chase. Willow's ready to forgive Chase, but not Brook Lynn. Chase defends Brook Lynn, so Willow agrees to try to get past it. (Pffew, that's comforting that Ms. Hypocrite can try to forgive someone who did nothing to her, during the time when she was cheating on her dying husband with the mama's boy. Shut up Willow!)

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Nina blames herself for Jason's death and Britt questions why she didn't call the police when Peter showed up in Nixon Falls. Nina says Peter was blackmailing her so she turned to Liesl. Britt is angry that Nina could have gotten her mother killed.

Sasha believes they'll be bringing her baby home today, certain he'll pass all the tests. Lucy pops in for a visit and talks about going public with Deception, but Sasha's more concerned about the baby. Lucy tells Sasha about her past as a mother to Serena and understands how hard this is for Sasha.

Brando heads to the chapel to pray for Liam and TJ overhears him. TJ says they used to be friends and if Brando needs him he will be there for him.

Britt and Dr. Flesher head in to talk to Brando and Sasha.

Anna checks in with Sonny, asking him to leave Peter alone now that he's in prison. Sonny swears he has no access to Peter.

Peter eats his breakfast and promptly collapses. Turns out Brad's the one who delivered the breakfast tray. (I DID NOT see that coming!!)

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