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Charles Shaughnessy Dishes Victor and Valentin's Cassadine Complications on General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy, James Patrick Stuart, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy: ABC/Craig Sjodin; James Patrick Stuart: ABC/Todd Wawrychuk

Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) is a free man on on General Hospital. But that doesn't mean his life is free of complications. In fact, he's got a fractured relationship with a man just revealed to be his son: Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)! Shaughnessy discussed what's going on with the Cassadines with Soap Opera Digest.

As Victor interacts with more residents of Port Charles, Shaughnessy finds himself delving deeper into residents' pasts...and into Victor's own. He reflected:

I’m still struggling to figure out who everyone is. Do I hate them? Do I like them? Are they trying to kill me? Am I trying to kill them? Have I slept with them [laughs]? It moves at breakneck speed. When Victor shows up for Thanksgiving at Alexis’s [Nancy Lee Grahn] house, it was like a bevy of Cassadines. Everyone’s there and tension is high and Victor is surprisingly back from the dead, and it was quite fun trying to figure out who everyone was and how I was related to them. But they’re definitely having Victor interact with more varied people now, which is nice.

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What's it like finding out your character has a son suddenly? Shaughnessy added of co-star Stuart:

Right! Funny enough, I did a support role in a Hallmark movie [2012’s A TASTE OF ROMANCE] that he was the lead in with Teri Polo [ex-Kristin, LOVING]; they were both chefs and I was a food critic. I have to remind him of that! But playing his father is great. He’s a great guy. We really enjoy working together. Because of Covid restrictions, you can’t really hang out the way you could in the old days, when you could just go into someone’s dressing room and run lines. We have to meet in the green room and sit at a distance. So, we don’t get the chance to hang out during the day, but when we work together, I really enjoy him. He’s very funny, very good.

Unsurprisingly, Victor might not have hit it off with ex-spy Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers). Shaughnessy said of working with Rogers and other co-stars:

That was so much fun, to work with him; those antagonist scenes are always fun. Establishing these power dynamics and relationships with everyone — you know, I’m sort of discovering Victor as I go and making choices that I hope are right. You sometimes make a choice then get the next script and realize it was completely the wrong thing! You just hope it works. But the power dynamics with Tristan are fun to explore. Same with Marcus [Coloma, Nikolas] and Finola [Hughes, Anna] and with James, this whole new dynamic now that we’re father and son — and Valentin isn’t happy about it!