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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Admits to Carly He Put a Hit Out on Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 13, 2021
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Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie wants to be there to support Brando and Sasha, but Epiphany says they're going to want to deal with the results on their own.

Britt tells Brando and Sasha that Liam won't be going home with them today. She says Liam has little to no activity in his brain, and he's brain damaged. Britt says there is nothing more they can do for the baby. The duo refuse to believe the worst and are desperate, but Britt says they need to be realistic as there are decisions to be made.

Brando and Sasha aren't ready to hear the truth and head to the NICU to see the baby. Epiphany finds Britt second-guessing herself in giving them false hope. Pif reassures her, saying Britt handled Brando and Sasha as best as she could.

Sonny promises Anna that Peter isn't on his radar and that he's safe in his cell. Anna gets a call that Peter's being taken to the hospital. Carly wants to know what Sonny knows about Peter's condition. Sonny admits he put out the hit on Peter, which Carly is grateful for. Carly wants Peter to suffer a slow and painful death. Sonny says Peter's death doesn't make up for the pain he's caused.

Finn and Liz discuss Jason's death, and how he'd be alive if Peter had died when he fell down the stairs. Liz says Jake is still grieving Franco and now Jason, and Peter is responsible for both. The two share a hug before getting a call to head to the ER, where Peter has been brought in.

TJ's thrilled when Aunt Stella arrives in town for a visit. She tells him that she's recovered from her stroke. Stella says she knows Curtis is hiding something from her and wants TJ to tell her what it is. TJ tells Stella that there is something going on, but that the info has to come from Curtis.

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Drew (finally) reunites with Curtis and the two discuss the evil that is Peter, and the end of Curtis' marriage to Jordan. Drew mentions Sam coming to help in his rescue and how upset he is that Jason died. Curtis tells him about Marshall and how he hasn't found any background online. Drew offers to help search.

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Trina talks to Portia about going away for the weekend and how Esme keeps picking at her. Portia says Esme feels threatened and Trina doesn't need a boyfriend right now. Trina asks about Curtis, and why he and Portia seem to have cooled down. Marshall interrupts their conversation.

Portia and Marshall go back and forth. Marshall introduces himself to Trina who's less than thrilled with him. Portia tells him to let Curtis process his non-death and give him space. After he leaves, Trina wonders why Portia's uncomfortable with Marshall. Portia explains why Curtis is upset with Marshall and how he was sneaking around in the beginning.

Stella heads to The Savoy for a reunion with Curtis and is shocked to see Marshall.

Finn runs tests on Peter while Liz hopes he dies. Finn tells Anna and Maxie that Peter might have ingested a toxin. Maxie talks to Liz about how she can treat Peter even though he killed Franco and Jason. Maxie asks if Liz wants Peter to die.

Anna says she spoke to the warden, who's trying to find out who poisoned Peter.

Maxie says the best thing that can happen is to let Peter die. Liz stands over Peter with a scalpel. (Honey, whatcha gonna do with that? An air bubble in his IV will work wonders and be untraceable.)

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