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WATCH: Lawrence Saint-Victor Talks Carter's Leading Ladies and Writing For The Bold and The Beautiful (VIDEO)

Lawrence Saint Victor, The Bold and the Beautiful

On The Bold and the Beautiful, legal eagle Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) is nursing a broken heart after a torrid affair turned into an ill-fated love. But will the handsome attorney soon move on? B&B supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk chatted with Saint-Victor  about Carter's recent ups and downs and what's to come.

Recently, Carter and Katie (Heather Tom) have bonded over their failed relationships. Could their newfound friendship turn into something more? Saint-Victor teased:

I think they’re two people who—two lonely souls who have a lot to offer, a lot to give, and they get each other. Oh, Casey, I love those scenes so much because Katie came to tell Carter off and in their fight, they were like, 'I get you.' That was so much fun to play. I love those so much. We’ll see. 

And there might still be some feelings between Carter and his former fling-turned-love interest Quinn (Rena Sofer). Saint-Victor mused:

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It takes a long time, I believe, for people to like fully fall out of love with someone they’re in love with or lust with or whatever you want to call it. It’s not just a switch that goes off. So I think Carter and Quinn have respectfully —so far—have said, 'We’re calling it quits.' But it’s still, it’s still in there because, under different circumstances, if Eric [John McCook] never came back, they’d be together right now So it’s not like they said, 'We don’t fit. We don’t work. We don’t like each other.' No. Eric kind of came back, you know?

Saint-Victor also contributes to B&B as a writer, which involves getting to do some research into the soap's history. He shared how much he loved this process, noting:

So like I'm sitting here on this wonderful Bold and the Beautiful YouTube channel and I'm like, 'Man, I want to see when Brooke [Katherine Kelly Lang] and Ridge [then-Ronn Moss] meet for the first time.' So I'm watching that scene by the pool and he mistakes her for Caroline [Joanna Johnson] and she turns around and instantly it's like, Ah, man. Y'all don't even understand the roads you are going to go down.' So, like as a writer, to just be able to look at that story and re-watch those moments, it's so much fun, now that I get to take some of that nuance and add it if I can.

Watch the insightful interview below.