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Days of Our Lives Recap: Susan Convinces John and Shawn About MarDevil's Real Target

Days of Our Lives Recap for December 13, 2021
Kristen DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Stacy Haiduk

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Kate and Roman are at the Salem PD to ID Philip's leg. Kate says she has to do it because she's his next of kin and it could lead to finding him. Kate confirms its identity to Rafe and gives him the serial number. It's a match.

Kate wants Brady arrested, but Rafe claims there isn't enough proof. Kate runs down all the evidence and tells Rafe the DA was ready to press charges even without the leg. She refuses to leave until Brady is locked up.

Belle is visiting a very frustrated Brady. She fills him in on what's happening at the police station. Brady says he's not worried about going to jail, but about Chloe because she's so upset.

John comes in and tells Brady he's going to help move the search for Philip along. Brady implores him to concentrate on finding Marlena because she's dangerous. John says he's worried about Doc, but he's not walking out on him. Belle encourages John to find her and he finally agrees.

Belle gets upset after he leaves. Brady tries to comfort her, but she's afraid...c'mon it's the Devil! Belle decides to focus on Brady's case so she has him run down the events. Brady tells Belle about his Thanksgiving with Maggie at the bar. Other than that, his mind is a complete blank about that night. Belle suggests they get his credit card statement from the pub.

Ciara awakens and Ben tells her Marlena went for a walk. He thinks Gabriel spooked her. Ciara confesses she's concerned about the baby. She says she was having bad dreams about the cabin and everything else. She begs Ben to take her home whilst MarDevil watches from outside the cabin.

MarDevil comes in and says she overheard Ciara. Ciara explains she's having a baby and can't stay in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Surely, Marlena could understand that. She blurts out that Ciara isn't going to leave. When Ciara questions her, MarDevil shrugs off the misstep.

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Susan spots John and tells him she's waiting on Elvis to pick her up. John expresses sympathy for Susan's injuries, but she's more scared of the Devil and her lingering nightmares. Susan lets it slip that Marlena would never hurt an innocent baby. John wants the details and she tells him about her premonitions.

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MarDevil starts to debate with Ciara, who says she needs to see her doctor for a sonogram. MarDevil lays on the guilt and says Ciara was supposed to protect her from her abusive husband. She begs them to stay because she's scared to stay alone.

Kate and Roman leaving the police department when Chloe walks in. Roman tells her the leg was Philip's. Chloe gasps and tells Kate she's sorry. Kate ain't here for that. She slaps Chloe. Roman pulls her off, but Kate tells calls her a shallow, dimwitted twit. Chloe denies cheating on Philip. Kate tells Chloe if Philip is dead, then she's as guilty as Brady.

Ciara takes Ben outside and is pissed that Ben offered to skip her appointment. She needs him with her and thinks Marlena is manipulating him. Ciara knows something's off and thinks Marlena's too concerned about her baby. MarDevil interrupts and Ciara goes inside. Ben promises to help Marlena by getting Ciara to understand.

Belle looks through Brady's phone and see's a $72.00 bill from the pub. She offers to get an itemized receipt, but isn't confident that Brady racked up the bill on clam chowder. Later, Roman shows her the receipt for six shots of whiskey.

Brady tries to call Chloe when she's talking to Rafe, but she doesn't answer. He leaves a message that he's wracking his brain trying to remember what happened. Brady asks Chloe to believe in him because he didn't do it.

Shawn shows up when Susan explains to John that the Devil wants Ben and Ciara's baby. Shawn says he believes her because of Marlena's behavior before she was even pregnant. It was intrusive and unlike her. Shawn offers to help John warn the expectant couple.

Shawn and John get to the apartment, which has a pile of mail outside the door. They get inside and discover sour milk and determine they haven't been there for a while. Shawn tries to call Ciara as she returns to the apartment.

Brady remembers talking to Tate about his game, something he forgot. Just as he remembers the whack on the head, Kate walks in, threatens him, then leaves. (I'm not clear if he remembers getting whacked or if Kate interrupted the process.)

Marlena and Ben go back into the cabin and find Ciara's no longer there. She tells Ben they have to find her and bring her back because she will tell John, and he will kill her. When Marlena opens the door, John is standing there.

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