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Perkie's Observations: Britt Lays Out Options for Sasha and Brando on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 14, 2021
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Kelly Thiebaud

Kelly Thiebaud

On today's General Hospital recap: Stella is shocked to see Marshall. Curtis tells Marshall to back off, as he’s upsetting Stella, who thought he was dead. Marshall says he’s grateful Stella was there to help raise Curtis and Thomas. Curtis is tired of the non-answers from Marshall and tells him to leave once and for all.

Stella stops Marshall from leaving, saying he’s the only father Curtis has had and he should hear Marshall out. Marshall says if he’d stayed in his life, he would have put Curtis' life in danger. Stella tells Curtis that Marshall has been trying to protect him. Marshall says he left because he had to but Curtis is annoyed at the vague answers.

Austin tells Britt that Peter’s been brought in, and she’s not surprised or unhappy to hear it.

Finn finds Liz standing over Peter with the scalpel and talks her down as Austin arrives to check on him. Maxie begs Austin to tell her if Peter has died. Austin says someone wanted Peter dead and he was poisoned deliberately.

Finn drags Liz away and says he understands her rage and wants to spare her the regret. Liz says Peter is responsible for her boy's grief, but she couldn’t get rid of Peter and show them justice. Finn says she would have had to pay for her crime and that wouldn’t have helped her boys. Finn says he’s here for her to move forward, so Liz kisses him and then takes off.

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Sonny wants them to take a step back and celebrate the holiday season. Carly is happy to see he’s taken out the Christmas decorations. Sonny promises Avery and Donna that he’ll make up for lost time. Carly is sad when she remembers last year when they trimmed the tree without him. Sonny says it’s alright for her to share her feelings about Jason. Carly promises they’ll get through this.

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Sasha tells Brando she’s not giving up and they have to give their son a fighting chance. Brando asks Britt for more information. She explains to them that Liam will never breath on his own and he’ll need permanent ventilation and round the clock care. Britt says Liam will need to go into a long term care facility, but Sasha’s angry and says someone else will help them.

Britt promises to help them navigate, but that they need to consider Liam’s likely lifespan and quality of life. She says he could live for years in a permanent vegetative state while being kept alive by machines. Brando says there is only one option. Britt agrees, and says they need to take Liam off life support, but Sasha refuses.

Michael heads to Pentonville to testify at Brad’s parole hearing. Selina tells him that she doesn’t condone Brad’s actions and she’ll be responsible for him. Michael claims Brad won’t be released anytime soon and gives his speech to the board. He asks that they protect the community and deny Brad parole.

Brad is given a chance to speak and claims he’s remorseful and wants the chance to redeem himself. Brad promises to live a life of virtue if allowed out. The panel says they’ll deliberate and let him know their decision.

Michael and Willow head to the Corinthi compound, and Michael tells Sonny how things went at the parole hearing. He hopes it won’t cause problems between Sonny and Selina. Willow and Carly blow smoke up each other's butts about how wonderful each other are.

Selina calls Sonny to thank him, telling him Brad will be released in a few days. 

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