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WATCH: Cameron Mathison Explains Drew's "Guilt" Over Surviving on General Hospital (VIDEO)

Cameron Mathison, General Hospital

Drew Cain's homecoming to Port Charles on General Hospital has been bittersweet. After all, the ex-SEAL (played by Cameron Mathison) survived Cassadine Island, while his brother Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has been presumed dead. Mathison dished to Michael Fairman TV about Drew reuniting with his family and regaining and losing his sibling.

Getting to know his daughter Scout has been tricky for Drew, since the little girl doesn't remember her dad. Mathison mused:

I mean, obviously his whole MO, his whole motivation, what inspired him to try and get out of that situation of being held captive, was to get back and see his daughter, see Scout. So that’s a huge plus in his life, even though Scout doesn’t even really remember him.

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He added:

But at the same time I think Drew’s being pretty realistic about it, which I like. It’s been Okay. Now with that said, that’s a real plus obviously, the whole fact that he’s back was based on being rescued by Jason. He’s only back because in a sense Jason gave his life to get him back. So there’s a lot of guilt there. There's a lot of massive mixed emotions; there’s no way that Drew would have done if he’d known, like there’s no way if it was—given a choice and how about you come back and Jason’s out, he wouldn’t do it, obviously. So he’s dealing with that, even though it's not really his fault that Jason's not back but I mean, the Quartermaines and some emotional scenes there, dealing with Monica [Leslie Charleson] losing another son and just kind of like getting the feel back in town.

Mathison shared his insights on working with his new co-stars, including Kelly Monaco (Sam). He dished:

It's very easy to do a scene with Kelly and to look in her eyes and feel like we've got history, like, she's just got that ability. You just gotta look at her and it's like, it's easy to believe being in love with her, do you know what I'm saying? She's got a real soul and sensual side to her and completely fearless in her ability to connect.

For more on Mathison's take on Drew, why he enjoys the character having been programmed, and his thoughts on the rest of the Port Charles crew, check the full interview below!