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Eileen Davidson on Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas: "It's Kind of an Alternate Universe"

Eileen Davidson

On Dec. 16, Eileen Davidson will slip back into the role of Kristen DiMera in Peacock's Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas. The two-time Emmy winner sat down with NBC New York to chat what fans can expect from the holiday flick.’

What's it been like to play the Salem bad girl in this instance? Davidson said:

And it’s just been a lo of fun because it’s kind of an alternate universe, you know? It’s not like Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives; it's like 2.0. It's just completely different.

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She added:

And it’s really fun because it takes you into what an alternate universe would be if Kristen had made that choice or if So-and-So had made that choice. It’s like It's a Wonderful Life-ish type vibe and then just throws in all this other stuff and strangely, crazily works. It’s just kind of a fun ride.

Fans can expect plenty of drama, too. Davidson teased:

And you have the drama. How do you save the day when you think Christmas is not going to happen? You have strippers, of course. That's what happens in alternate Salem.