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CNN's Michael Smerconish Claims Dr. Oz Refused Interview Over Fear of Angering Fox News


Is Dr. Mehmet Oz scared of the wrath of Fox News? It seems that way. CNN host Michael Smerconish is accusing the former television host of being shook by the network and being afraid of receiving their ire if he came onto CNN. 

On Monday's episode of his Sirius XM radio show, Smerconish claimed he bumped into Oz at a Christmas party and started to pitch him being on either his radio or CNN show to discuss running for senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican. 

Smerconish claimed he didn't think Oz knew who he was, but nevertheless he asked to come on any of his shows and stated:

I said to him, ‘I’d really like to get you on my program, and I will treat you with dignity and respect.'

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Unfortunately for him, Oz declined his request and claimed:

He proceeds to say to me, ‘I can’t possible do that because it would upset everybody at Fox. And I’ll come on your show after the primary.'

Undeterred, Smerconish kept trying to convince Oz to come on the show and insisted:

Dr. Oz, you can’t pull this off without reaching independents and centrists.' He said to me, ‘The mission right now is to win the primary.'

Watch Smerconish relay the story here.