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General Hospital's Genie Francis Dishes Laura's Family Drama and Holiday Joy

Genie Francis, General Hospital

General Hospital will welcome home one very special person this holiday season: Genie Francis (Laura Webber Collins). The soap superstar chatted it up with TV Insider's Jim Halterman about returning to Port Charles and what family drama fans can expect from Laura.

Laura has been hiding out in a safe house with her brother Martin (Michael E. Knight) due to threats from their other brother, Cyrus (Jeff Kober). Even though we haven't seen him on screen in a while, the specter of Cyrus has haunted Port Charles' finest. 

But Laura's emotions towards him have evolved. Francis explained:

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She’s not as scared of him, no. I think she’s scared but no as scared and I think, even though he’s done these horrific things, there’s a part of her that loves him, you know, I do. It’s her brother, and she can sort of see where he’s gone wrong, so it’s a love-hate relationship and it’s very interesting. I think Jeff is just such a fun actor. He’s so—he reminds me of Tony Geary [ex-Luke] in that you can’t predict what he’s going to do.

Does Laura feel responsible for Cyrus at all, or has she turned that part of her emotions off? Francis mused:

I think she turns it off now that he’s away in jail. I know she thinks of him, though. I know she does, you know? Even in my scenes with Martin, he comes up from time to time.

Will fans get to see Laura have a lovely Port Charles holiday? Francis teased:

I have a nice Christmas moment that I like, and yeah, it's sweet. It's very sweet.