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The View Gets Heated Over Abortion and Gun Control

Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, The View

The ladies of The View went head-to-head with each other over the moves being made by the Supreme Court. On Monday's episode, the ladies discussed the highest court of the land hearing the arguments in Texas' restrictive abortion law. The panel made note of how the Supreme Court wasn't rushing to rule on the law, given it has been in on the books since September.

Co-host Joy Behar wondered about its ability and stated:

If they keep throwing all these things to the states — I mean, they could overturn Brown versus the Board of Education, and bring back segregated schools that they want in some states — then why do we need the Supreme Court? They are on a path to oblivion, it seems to me if they keep making this type of decision.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced recently he was going to have his state follow Texas' lead in a sense by having the Golden State allow its resident to sue assault weapons manufacturers and distributors. Guest co-host Amanda Carpenter thought the idea was bad and claimed:

You do not answer bad laws with more bad laws.

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Co-host Sara Haines disagreed and backed Newsom's stance. She thought, even though the move by the governor wouldn't stick, it would, however, have the Supreme Court convinced to strike California's law down like Texas. According to Haines:

This was purposely done in Texas to sidestep Roe v. Wade and the federal law. And it was predicted by [Justice Sonia] Sotomayor and Justice Chief Justice Roberts, that this was going to set a potential precedent for other states to employ the same thing… I commend [Newsom] for saying ‘That was not a good model, so we’re going to show you how this can this pendulum swings two ways.'

Behar concurred with Haines and claimed this move shows what the motives of the Supreme Court were all about. Behar remarked:

It sort of shows you that the Supreme Court is political and full of it. 

Watch the discussion below.