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WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Details Feud With Ellen DeGeneres on Australian Big Brother (VIDEO)

Caitlyn Jenner

Watch Caitlyn open up below.In a deleted scenes from the Australian reality show Big Brother VIPCaitlyn Jenner opened up about her issues with Ellen DeGeneres. She recalled the origin of those problems, noting they began during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Jenner recalled:

So anyway I get there and at first it’s the normal questions, this and that, and then during the break she goes, 'I’ve heard you had some different views or you’ve kind of grown on gay marriage,' you know, same-sex, gay marriage and I thought to myself: like anybody I think everybody’s had a progression on gay marriage.

She added:

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I'm trying to formulate in my head how do I answer this question. It’s a sensitive one. I’m standing there, I’m sitting across form her, so I try to do my best and I thought I did do okay, but looking back on it, I could have handled a couple of things a little bit differently because I didn’t think she would respond the way she did. And then she goes to me, 'Well, it sounds like you're really not for it.' It took me back and I said, 'No, I just said I am for gay marriage.'

Jenner went on to say that DeGeneres was a guest on Howard Stern's radio show, where DeGeneres said Jenner opposed gay marriage. The Olympic athlete noted:

And so, in the media, I got really tough on her.

Watch Caitlyn open up more about Ellen below, including how she feels about her family appearing on the talk show.