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Perkie's Observations: Brad Faces an Uncertain Future With a Dash of Hostility on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 15, 2021
Parry Shen

Parry Shen

On today's General Hospital recap: Chase checks in with Finn who's daydreaming about his kiss with Liz. Finn talks about Bailey and wonders if Chase is having doubts about being a father. Finn wants to meet the baby, but Chase says they're just settling in as a family. Chase counters with a question about Liz and Finn's relationship, and Finn mentions their kiss.

Finn says he doesn't know what the kiss means to Liz since she took off right after. Finn thinks Liz regrets it, but Chase disagrees. Finn says he needs to be careful because Violet is getting attached to Liz. Chase says Finn deserves to be happy.

Terry and Portia do yoga with Liz, who's distracted by the memory of Finn's kiss and the near-stabbing of Peter. Liz tells them that Finn has been supportive, and she kissed him and ran off. Portia mentions Liz's wedding ring and she says she hasn't been able to take it off since she still loves Franco.

Liz wonders if it's fair to Finn to get involved with him right now. Portia says Finn thinks Liz is worth the wait and Terry agrees there's a connection between them. Portia tells her to trust her instincts.

Michael and Willow are upset to learn that Brad managed to get parole and will be released. Willow has plans with Olivia and is not happy when Brook Lynn tags along. Olivia notices the tension between them and Willow bitches out Brook Lynn for what she did to Valentin and Chase. Brook Lynn counters that Willow has no soapbox to stand on, considering she cheated on Chase. (Burn!) Olivia tries to calm everyone down. Willow accuses Brook Lynn of using the baby as a bargaining chip. Brook Lynn gets upset and storms off.

Willow runs into Harmony and the two make small talk. Harmony wonders if it's possible to have a relationship. Willow says she'll speak to Michael and arrange a visit with Wiley.

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Selina tells Brad he has nothing to fear from the Corinthi as long as he stays away from Wiley. Brad's grateful for Selina's help. She also promises to help him get a job and a place to stay.

Brad spots Britt and the two have a happy reunion. Brad introduces Britt to his aunt, who's very dismissive of Britt, who's not following Selina's rule to stay away. Brad asks about Lucas, but Selina tells him to leave the past behind. Britt tells him to let the guilt and shame go.

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Michael runs into them and tears a strip off of Brad, while Selina tries to calm things down. Michael talks to Brad alone. Brad admits he doesn't know what Selina wants with him, but knows she made a deal with Sonny. Michael says Brad gets no leeway from him. (Shut up Michael!)

Selina calls out Britt on crashing her breakfast with Brad. Britt says she's not abandoning Brad, but Selina says she's Brad's family now.

Michael warns Selina about bringing Brad to the Metro Court, but she won't be threatened. Selina reminds him she has an agreement with Sonny and Michael says it will be fine as long as Brad stays away.

Brad tells Britt he's worried about Selina's involvement in his new life. Britt tells him about Selina's warning to stay away, but she won't be heeding it.

The Davis coven get together and Kristina's not happy to hear that Mom will be joining Sam at the PI firm. Alexis and Sam get into an argument about their current client and it takes Molly to calm things down. Molly asks for help from Alexis for her opening statement for her first trial.

After Alexis leaves, Sam berates the other two for complaining about the PI job. She says she was trying to help their mother find a purpose.

Alexis runs into Harmony and admits she's not sure what to do with herself now. Harmony offers her friendship.

Brook Lynn interrupts Chase and Finn's conversation. Finn makes a comment about her keeping Chase from his daughter before he heads out. Brook Lynn tells Chase he needs to defend her. Brook Lynn says she's tired of being the bad guy and Chase promises to help her out. When Brook goes to open the steam room, she finds it locked. 

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