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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Finn Reach a Middle Ground About Their Future on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 16, 2021
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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: As Chase tries to push the door open, his towel drops giving Brook Lynn quite the eye full. Brook Lynn says she left her phone on the outside, while Chase pounds on the door yelling for help. She complains that he isn't clearing her name when everyone is using this situation to drag her for everything.

Brook Lynn says all she's getting is shame and grief, but all she's trying to do is protect Bailey. Chase says he sees her sacrifice and calls her brave. He says he believes in her and sees her. The janitor lets them out before they get a chance to kiss.

Finn tells Liz they need to acknowledge what happened. Finn wonders what she wants and Liz says it's complicated. She says it's been almost a year since Franco's death and things should be casual. Liz says he's a friend and worries about it becoming serious.
Liz points out she hasn't even taken off her wedding ring and Finn agrees that it's too soon. He says it's okay if she isn't ready. Liz says she wants to be ready because she cares about him. Liz says she's worried about losing him if things don't work out, but he reassures her. Finn says his world is better for having her in it. Finn says he won't push until she's ready.

Portia's happy and surprised to see Stella. Stella mentions Curtis being preoccupied and Portia realizes she knows Marshall's in town.

Curtis is not happy when he runs into TJ and Marshall at the gym, but TJ says he invited Marshall. Marshall says he's trying to make up for lost time, but Curtis wants answers. Marshall natters on about how what he's done in the past doesn't matter and now they have to build a future.

After Marshall leaves, TJ gets angry with Curtis. Curtis tells TJ to stay away from Marshall until he has a chance to find out about his past.

Stella calls Marshall for a chat.

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Portia tells Curtis she saw Stella, who was shaken up about Marshall. Curtis says there is nothing Marshall can say that excuses leaving them all this time.

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Harmony offers to listen to Alexis, who still feels like she was released too soon. Alexis invites Harmony to her house, but then remembers Kristina is there and her connection to the cult. Harmony says she understands.

Olivia tells Carly she's nervous for Leo's upcoming doctor's appointment. Olivia asks about Nina's trial and how Carly must be thrilled that it's coming up. Carly admits she wants Nina to suffer, but hopes the court deals with her. Olivia says if Carly pushes all her feelings down, she'll eventually crack. Carly says she can handle things as long as Nina stays away from the family.

Sasha says she's not ready to say goodbye to Liam. She insists the baby is still alive, despite the machines. Brando tries to get her to understand, but Sasha says he's her only flesh and blood. Brando says they have to think of the quality of his life, but Sasha storms out.

Gladys updates Sonny and Nina about the baby's condition. Brando tells them about Sasha taking off and Sonny heads to the NICU for her. Gladys comforts Brando. She says she spoke with Dr. Fleming and they need to find the appropriate facility if they're keeping Liam on a ventilator. Gladys says Sasha needs to make a decision.

Brando talks to Nina about being in a coma and how Liam can come out of it like she did. Nina says her coma was different because she was breathing on her own. She tells Brando they have to make the decision and she'll be there for them.

Sonny joins Sasha in the NICU, though she doesn't want a lecture from him. He says he understands losing someone you love and mentions his relationship with his father. Sasha says it's not fair, why can't Liam get a miracle?

Sonny explains having to make the decision to let Mike go and how difficult that was. Gladys arrives and tells Sasha a decision needs to be made. Sonny reassures Sasha that everyone is behind whatever decision she and Brando make. Gladys reassures Sonny he made the right decision with his father.

Sonny tells Nina this reminds him of losing his father. Sonny says his version of Mike in Nixon Falls was a lot like his father. Nina tells him his father would be proud of the man he was in there.

Carly shows up in time to look annoyed.

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