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Jason Thompson Discusses Billy's Worlds Colliding on The Young and The Restless

Billy Lily YR

Billy (Jason Thompson) is in a bit of a pickle on The Young and the Restless. His mother, Jill (Jess Walton), ousted him from his role at Chancellor Communications. Then, she asked Billy's live-in-love/co-CEO Lily (Christel Khalil) to step in as sole head honcho...after Lily called her! Are things awkward now for Billy? Thompson chatted it up with Soap Opera Digest.

Billy and Jill's complicated relationship isn't just tough personally; it's also tricky professionally. Thompson admitted:

Billy loves his mother but she rarely ever brings good news. It’s usually never a good thing when Billy runs into his mom. They’ll have a head-on collision, then they’ll work it out and find some kind of balance to it all. That’s their relationship, but there’s no denying that the reason she’s come this time is because things are a little out of his control right now because of what went down with Victor [Eric Braeden] and Adam [Mark Grossman]. 

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He added:

Billy did say at one point that he holds himself responsible for letting down Jill, Lily, the company and the staff, so it was very humbling for him. But does he think it’s all his fault? No, so he bites his tongue a little bit there, but his and Jill’s relationship is always a place for Billy to express a side of him that nobody else really knows and only she understands. You can have an argument about who’s right or wrong about his opinion but he’s really not understood by a lot of people. And as much as Jill disagrees with Billy, she can’t stop loving the guy.

And how might the change-ups at ChancComm affect Billy's bond with Lily? Thompson said:

He understands why Lily called Jill. He also knows that Lily is on his side, which is a beautiful thing, so they’re really learning how to support each other because there’s a lot of honesty there. We sometimes forget Lily’s story. She has been through a lot in the last handful of years with going to jail, her divorce and the things that Cane [Daniel Goddard] had done, so she’s been through a lot of trauma and has come out the other side. Billy absolutely trusts Lily; trusts her opinion and her gut reaction to things. Lily is really the voice of reason to him, but there’s that little bit of selfishness in him to want to drive through things.