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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kate and Victor Seek Justice For Philip By Declaring His Death

Days of Our Lives Recap for December 16, 2021
Lauren Koslow

Lauren Koslow

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Eli and Lani talking about dragging the river for the possible remains of Philip Kiriakis. Just then, Melinda enters and suggests they do their job and arrest Brady. 

At Basic Black, Chloe is talking to Nancy about Philip’s possible unfortunate demise. She asks her to tell Parker and Craig that she loves them…enter Brady.

Side Note: Poor Parker…he is going to be a mess when he’s finally SORAS’d!

In Horton Square, Roman and Rex are trying to comfort Kate about Philip. 


At the Salem Inn, Gwen is fretting about Rex’s reappearance and Xander’s location. She looks out the window and sees Rex, just as Xander arrives home. 

Like sands through the hourglass… 

Victor is staring at a picture of Philip when Maggie walks in to inform him of cook’s dinner plans. Victor is beside himself. Victor decides to call Rafe to light a fire under his ass. Just then, Victor’s phone rings with a call from DA Trask. She wants him to come to the station. Maggie wants to go with him, but he wants to go alone. He’d rather her go to St. Luke’s to say a prayer for Philip. 

Side Note: Has anyone else ever noticed how “cook” has no actual name?

In Horton Square, Kate is LIVID with Brady. She will kill him if it turns out Philip is dead. Roman can’t believe Kate lied to him about where she was going this morning. Before they can discuss any further, her phone rings with a call from DA Trask. She has nothing new to report but wants her to come to the station for a sit down. 

Side Note: Really, Roman? 

Rex tries to calm Kate down, but she is having none of his foolishness. They all apologize. Kate thinks she has been complicit in Victor’s treatment of Philip. She wonders if she will ever be able to make it up to him. 

Roman and Rex ponder Philip’s fate. Roman says that Philip has always been one to go his own way. Victor has always been a thorn in his side and maybe Philip just found a way to disappear. Rex also thinks Brady could have pushed him into the river. 

Upstairs, Gwen quickly tries to explain who she was looking at out the window. She explains how the guy at the coffee cart often “wolf whistles” at her and recently complimented her “nice ass”. Xander thinks he is right, but doesn’t like it one bit. Gwen tries to put him off whilst touching Xander and claiming she doesn’t want anyone to take him away from her. Xander kisses her to let her know how he actually feels. 

Gwen tries to distract Xander from going out for dinner, but to no avail. He wants to take his new credit card for a spin for fish and chips at the Pub. She disrobes in an attempt to distract him. Not shockingly, it works. They get all nekkid and engage in a little afternoon delight. Rather than bask in the afterglow, he quickly gets up to shower. Gwen takes the opportunity to look out the window to see if Rex is still hanging out downstairs. Cue inner monologue about her unfortunate situation…

Xander returns from his shower more than half nekkid in a towel when Gwen asks if he wants to get out of town. Xander would love to, but reminds her about their cash problem. Gwen has a plan to get them to London, but Xander is less than thrilled. Gwen begins to rub all over nekkid Xander to try and convince him. 

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At Basic Black, Chloe is confused about why Brady isn’t still in the hospital. He says he was released an hour ago and didn’t quite know what to do. Chloe explains her encounter with Kate and how she SMACKED HER UPSIDE THE HEAD whilst accurately saying she pitted Brady against Philip. 

Side Note: Where is Kate’s lie? 

Brady explains he has some news. The night she found him, Brady’s credit card confirms he bought six shots of whiskey. 

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Side Note: Six shots? 

Brady explains how Belle checked his credit card receipts and he bought them, but doesn’t remember drinking them. He doesn’t want to hide anything from her because she knows his history. He explains further that a week ago he ordered a drink, but called Maggie so he didn’t drink it. They decided to go to a meeting, but that was when he discovered John was in the hospital. Chloe wonders why in the world Brady wanted a drink. He says it was because of all the feelings he has for her. He even explained to Maggie how he wanted Philip out of the way…but he would never! Or would he? Brady wants to return to the river. 

Chloe thinks going back to the river is just stupid ridiculous. Brady pushes back because he needs to recover his memory. Chloe insists on going with him despite his insistence otherwise. 

Side Note: Really, Chloe? I don’t buy that you are so oblivious. 

At the Salem PD, Melinda is stunned that Eli and Lani dare to defy her. They say they have no probable cause to arrest Brady. She wants them to jump on their opportunity now that Brady has been released from the hospital. Melinda isn’t surprised with their insubordination since Lani is Kristen DiMera’s BFF. She goes further and wonders if Lani was complicit in Kristen’s most recent escape. She pushes forward and demands that Eli and Lani investigate further into Philip’s disappearance. 

Victor and Kate arrive at the Salem PD to talk to Melinda about Philip’s disappearance. She enters and confirms they have no new evidence since finding Philip’s leg in the river. 

Side Note: I think we’ve all wondered where that prosthesis has been for a DECADE!

She wants them both to sign documents declaring Philip legally dead so she can move forward with the case. Melinda explains that by declaring Philip dead, it gives her the power to prosecute Brady. She then she recounts the massive evidence against Victor’s grandson. She leaves them alone to discuss their decision. 

Kate is thrilled there is some action in the case, but Victor isn’t so sure. He isn’t quite ready to accept that Philip is dead. Kate isn’t either, but doesn’t want to give in to magical thinking. They have to accept Philip is probably at the bottom of the river. Kate tries to remind Victor how many times Brady took Kristen’s side over his. He doesn’t deserve Philip’s loyalty. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Rex and Roman in Horton Square. Rex is thrilled that Kate and Roman have reunited, especially now. Roman plies Rex with the promise of chowder and they get up to return to the pub. 

Upstairs, Gwen continues to watch from the window as Xander assures they are packed for London. Gwen apologizes for the delay, but wants to make sure the creepy coffee dude wasn’t still outside. They decide it is time to leave and quickly make their exit. 

Down by the river, Chloe shows Brady where she found him. She reminds him he was lying there, covered in blood, with a knife at his side. Brady says he remembers none of it. But suddenly…Brady says Philip’s name and Chloe wonders what he is remembering. 

Rex has returned to Horton Square, apparently looking for his phone, when Gwen and Xander arrive, luggage in tow. Shockingly, they run into each other. 

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie wonders what happened at the Salem PD. She tells him she went to St. Luke’s and prayed for Philip. She sees he is distraught and goes to his side. 

Inside the Brady Pub, Roman is behind the bar when Kate enters. She tells him that Melinda wanted her and Victor to have Brady declared legally dead. 

Back at Chez Kiriakis, Victor explains to Maggie that Trask wanted them to sign the papers so she could pursue murder charges against Brady. Victor wants justice for Philip, but is gutted by the prospect of sacrificing Brady. 

Back at the pub, Roman wonders whether or not Victor signed the papers… 

Back at the mansion, Maggie wonder what Victor did. He tells her he signed the damned papers. 

Down by the river, Brady remembers telling Philip to get his hands off him. Just as Chloe is asking Brady for details, Melinda arrives with Eli, and arrests him for the murder of Philip Kiriakis.

Upstairs at the pub, Roman tells Kate he understands why she and Victor signed the papers. They did what they had to do. Kate wants to be alone so Roman returns downstairs to take care of his customers. She enters the bedroom and is shocked to be confronted by…PHILIP!

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