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Five Times Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas Jingled Our Bells

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

Peacock dropped A Very Salem Christmas and oh what a what a holiday treat it was! Everyone has their here are my top-ish five picks for why my "bells" got jingled:

5: Nekkid Brady: If anyone has a thang for the wayward Black this is the time. Brady showed up nekkid at Kristen's with cue cards for how much he lusted and loved her. Oh, Brady and Kristen are having a torrid affair behind John's back.

4: Blake Berris: Berris is the man you never knew you needed, but seem to miss. No matter what incarnation Nick takes, he's engaging and present. This time, he was Gabi's lovelorn assistant and as always, it worked! Berris is the man who needs to be on DAYS or GH! (I'd like to say CBS, but I think his talent would be wasted there.)

3: History matters: Leo went to usurp the entire history of Salem for Paulina, but Xander set him straight. Much to Leo's dismay, Xander has a passion for saving the 50 year old (ONLY 50?) buildings and/or businesses, which Xander outlined in Salem's generations. That's why I love soaps!

2. Paulina and Leo: Paulina de Vil passed out eviction notices to all Salem businesses so she could make Price Town a reality. She kept calling Leo MARY, because she's had a string of failed executive assistants, so why not just keep one name? In the end, Paulina was right not to trust Leo.

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1. Salem comes together: The deadline to move out was hanging in the balance, so Sami pulled the town together to raise enough money to save Salem's businesses. Between the drag queens and the male strippers....Salem was saved!

Honorable Mentions

The cast who were acting out of character while still being in character.

Mixing up characters who don't interact, like Gabi and Brady or Paulina and Leo,

Embracing the soap opera and Hallmark movie formats...and making Salem FUN!

What did you think this special episode? Sound off in the comments below!