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Perkie's Observations: Brando and Sasha Say Goodbye to Their Baby on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 17, 2021
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Johnny Wactor, Sofia Mattsson

Johnny Wactor, Sofia Mattsson

On today's General Hospital recap: Sam brings Scout to see Drew, who tries to get Scout interested in holiday decorations. Scout runs off and Drew worries that he pushed too hard. Drew tells Sam he thought of Scout during his captivity and it kept him sane. Sam promises he'll get back in Scout's good graces in no time. Scout returns a few minutes later with the star and Drew helps her put it on top of the tree.

Curtis complains to Portia about Marshall worming his way into TJ's life. She wonders if Curtis is afraid to get hurt again, but he claims Marshall doesn't have that power over him. Portia questions whether Curtis can find a place in his life for his father. Curtis says he needs to know where Marshall has been and what he's been doing. Curtis finds it suspicious that Joey Novak got jumped at the same time Marshall showed up in town. Portia doesn't think Marshall is a criminal, but Curtis believes he's hiding something.

Stella's upset at Marshall's reappearance and the lies he's told. Stella admits her sister told her that Marshall was alive and went along with it. Stella says Marshall promised he'd never come back and wonders why he's here now. Marshall wants to be a part of the Ashford family and move forward. Stella says Curtis may not be so happy to want that. Marshall asks for Stella's help.

Curtis calls Drew to help him look into Marshall's past. Drew agrees to do a background check. Sam worries, but he promises not to risk anything.

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Olivia drags Nina away to give Carly a chance not to let her head explode. Nina says she's here to support Brando and Sasha, and it's not Olivia's business. Olivia warns Nina to back off and Nina counters that she would mind her own business.

Olivia joins Ned and Leo, who are waiting to be seen by the specialist. Olivia's nervous about the evaluation, but Ned reassures her. Olivia says she's ready to get Leo all the help he needs and apologizes for making Ned the bad guy. The doctor tells them he'll let them know his findings.

Nina continues to wait for Brando and Sasha to make a decision about Liam. Carly and Sonny sit and wait as well. Britt checks in with Nina, who says she's worried about Brando and Sasha. Britt brings up Nelle and how Britt must feel to have lost a child.

Sasha tells Brando their son needs them and she doesn't know if she has the courage to do the right thing. Sasha tells Brando about her conversation with Sonny about letting Mike go. Sasha understands there is no comparison, but the loss is the same. Sasha says she's not ready and doesn't want this, but she wants Liam to know he's truly loved.

Dr. Fletcher tells Brando and Sasha they'll remove Liam from the respirator, and give him a shot of morphine so he's not in pain. Sasha asks to hold him while he passes. Brando asks Mike to look out for Liam and Ghost Mike promises. The duo break down as Ghost Mike takes baby Liam into the light.

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