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Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Awakens Jan Spears to Implement Her Sinister Scheme

Days of Our Lives Recap for December 20, 2021
Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Chloe arriving at Kate’ s room to talk about Philip, who is inside asking his mother not to answer the door. She tells Ms. Lane she is not up for visitors, but Chloe will not be denied.

Shawn Douglas comforts Belle with a hug in the interrogation room at the Salem PD. Brady has just been arrested for murder even though Philip’s body hasn’t been discovered. Belle wonders about Ben and Ciara. Shawn Douglas says they have been taken to a safe house to ensure their safety from MarDevil.

In her office, Kayla lies on the ground with a bloody head as Steve enters to find her.

In the coma ward, MarDevil has come to revive her star player, Jan Spears. With a waver her hand, she awakens.

Like sands through the hour glass...

In Horton Square, Allie and Tripp are discussing Brady and Philip. Tripp tries to distract Allie by giving her a Christmas present. Shock of shocks, they have gotten each other the same present! Tripp has to get back to rounds, so Allie decides to see Grandma Kate.

Kayla awakens screaming at Steve, who she assumes is MarDevil, to get away from her. She is holding a knife on Steve as she awaits his morphing into MarDevil. She doesn’t trust him - and who could blame her? He tries very much to get her to “feel his love”… she must because she lets him have the knife and they embrace.

Kayla tells Steve all about her encounter and sweet, sweet, kiss with MarDevil. She was horrified and thought she was beyond dead. Kayla goes on to explain that she and Steve had been as much of a thorn in her side as Shawn Douglas and Belle. Steve wonders what MarDevil has in store.

Kayla discovers her all access key card is missing. She goes on to explain how her key card is one of the few that allows access everywhere. The protocols were recently changed to make sure no one could steal drugs like Dr. Snyder did or patients escaping to murder, like Jan Spears. Steve gets it now. MarDevil is after Jan Spears.

Side Note: Good detail pulling Dr. Snyder and Jan Spears into the new protocols.

Jan Spears awakens and wonders what happened to her. MarDevil tells her she’s been in a coma for nearly six months. Jan is irritated she missed the summer Olympics. She blames Philip, who threw dirt in her eyes and banged her head into a pole. MarDevil says Philip has gotten what was coming to him.

MarDevil explains that Brady killed Chloe. Jan wonders why in the world anyone would risk life in prison for Chloe Lane. MarDevil says, “Enough about ghoul girl.”

Side Note: When I tell you I HOWLED!

Jan tries to assure Marlena she won’t cause Belle and Shawn Douglas any trouble. MarDevil is disappointed because nobody likes a quitter. She explains how she brought her out of the coma for that very purpose. Jan is confused because Marlena is her mother. MarDevil appears and assures her she is not Belle’s mother.

Jan wonders if Marlena has taken up smoking because her voice is raspy. MarDevil explains she has taken possession of Marlena’s body. Jan thinks she is high. MarDevil has no patience and demands she wreak havoc on Shawn Douglas and Belle, or she is headed back to her comatose state. Just then, MarDevil shows her eyes and Jan Spears believes. She’s not afraid. She’s delighted! Just then, Tripp enters and wonders what the hell is going on.

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Seeing Tripp, Jan remembers that Tripp saw her with Charlie, and she almost had to kill him as well. Tripp smiles and says he will leave Jan in Marlena’s capable hands.

MarDevil slams the door shut and explains he’s not going anywhere. Tripp finally gets that MarDevil is real. She wonders why he didn’t realize it when she sent his brother Charlie to visit. Jan speaks up and says MarDevil is quite talented at bringing folks out of a coma too! Tripp tries to leave and MarDevil knocks him upside the head - much to Jan Spears’ glee!

Previous Days of Our Lives (DAYS) Recap: Kate and Victor Seek Justice For Philip By Declaring His Death

Kate lets Chloe in and wonders why they declared Philip dead. She says all the evidence is circumstantial and wants Kate to take back her declaration (while Philip listens in from the closet). Chloe thinks Brady isn’t capable of murder. Kate wonders if Chloe’s opinion of Brady was influenced by their sex on the conference room table. Kate lies and says she overheard her talking to Brady about their affair. Chloe immediately betrays Nicole to try and convince Kate of her innocence. Chloe tells Kate that she was committed to Philip. She never strayed. Kate thinks she is a manipulative little “tease, flirt, and slut.” Chloe swears on Parker’s life that she didn’t cheat on Philip. Kate is wavering. As Chloe leaves, she implores Kate to reverse her declaration to Melinda.

Philip reappears and calls Chloe a lying whore, yada yada yada. Kate tries to explain that a woman wouldn’t swear on her child if she was lying. Philip has no patience for this nonsense. Kate tries to reason with him. She believes Chloe. Philip is beginning to grow despondent that all his dastardly plans have been for naught. Kate tries to get Philip to remember exactly what he heard Brady and Chloe say, but he’s having none of it. He saw what he saw and he knows what he knows. Kate wants to help get Philip out of this mess, but he is a-okay with Brady spending life in prison.

Philip thinks Kate is one to talk with what she has pulled in the past. She agrees and explains her prior actions were fueled by rage and jealousy - as his are now - but her plans never worked. Philip won’t be deterred. He thinks Kate has been brainwashed. His goal now is to get Chloe to admit her transgressions. Kate BEGS him to stop. Philip thinks this situation mimics what happened to them in high school.

Side Note: This conversation is a good history lesson explaining how Philip is, in a lot of ways, just like his mother.

Belle is also worried about Brady and tells Shawn Douglas they are trying to piece everything together. She tried to view the security footage from the Pub, but it was gone. Belle thinks Brady was framed and thinks Kristen did it. Shawn Douglas isn’t quite so sure, but is willing to entertain it. It’s possible, but would be tough to prove. Chloe walks in looking for Brady. She explains that she tried to convince Kate to go back on her declaration of Philip’s death. Kate hates Chloe, but maybe realizes that Brady is innocent.

We being the ending of our day in Salem with Kate continuing to try and talk sense into Philip. He explains to her that no matter how hard he tries, he loses. He loses everyone and everything that means most to him. He lost Belle, Chloe, the children he thought was his. He goes on to say he understands why Victor disowned him when he couldn’t even be a parent to his own son.

Side Note: Pocket! Could a grown up Pocket return?

Kate tries to help excuse Philip’s behavior, but he is going down a serious shame spiral. He thought because Chloe, the most incredible woman on Earth, chose him he was worthy of love, but alas no. He just doesn’t know what it takes to get people to love him. Kate reminds him she is his mother and loves him with all her heart.

Side Note: Good scenes.

Philip wonders what in the world he is going to do, but Kate promises him she will fix it.

Meanwhile, MarDevil and a very much awakened Jan Spears walk through town. She is thrilled to be up and around in time for Christmas - not because of you know who’s birthday, but because she likes a good sale! MarDevil reminds her that her goal is to destroy Shawn Douglas and Belle. Jan is reminded that Christmas Eve is their wedding anniversary.

At the Salem PD, Chloe is also skeptical of Belle’s thought that Kristen framed Brady.

At the Brady Pub, Allie is waxing poetic about her relationship with Tripp to Grandpa Roman. They even have matching bracelets!

At University Hospital, Steve and Kayla enter Jan Spears’ room to find she is still in a coma. Steve can’t understand how he could have been wrong about MarDevil’s intentions. Kayla thinks MarDevil is still afoot and they leave to look for her. The camera pans down to Jan Spears’ arm where we see the BRACELET ALLIE GAVE TRIPP!

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