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Perkie's Observations: Laura Tells Cyrus She's Returning Home Despite His Threat on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 20, 2021
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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: Willow mentions she's upset about Sasha's baby's death and how it brings up her own son's death. Brook Lynn is sympathetic and tells Chase to support Willow when she heads out for a moment alone. Willow tells Chase she misses her son every day and he gives her a hug.

Willow apologizes to Brook Lynn for judging her and says she's sensitive to Chase's feelings after hurting him herself. Willow says she understands why Brook Lynn lied, that she knows a mother will do what she can to protect her child.

Sonny checks in on Phyllis, who's settling in nicely in Port Charles. Nina shows up, complaining about Peter's return to Port Charles. Sonny says he won't be for long, which makes Nina question his plans regarding Peter. Sonny says death is too good for Peter and he should just stay in his coma.

After he leaves, Phyllis pushes Nina to tell her if she still loves Sonny. Nina says they're barely friends and certainly nothing else. Phyllis says she needs to come to terms with her feelings and let them go.

Liesl offers Carly her condolences for Jason saying she's grateful that he saved her and Britt's life. Michael finds Carly in a kerfuffle because she's sad and upset and angry. Michael complains about Brad's release, which surprises Carly. Sonny joins them.

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Liesl talks to Scotty about Nina's case. He's worried he doesn't have much of a defense to help her. Liesl remembers a conversation with Nina and tells Scotty that Sonny and Nina fell in love. Liesl says Carly doesn't seem to know. Scotty's thrilled to get this information and wants to confront Sonny in front of Carly, but Liesl says he has to keep Nina's secret. Scotty says he'll use this information to help Nina stay out of jail, because he believes Sonny still loves her. Scotty says he'll force Nina to admit it on the stand.

Carly mentions to Sonny that Brad and Selina were together at the Metro Court. Sonny says he'll deal with it. Michael tells Sonny he spoke with Selina and warned her off. Carly warns Michael that Selina will retaliate, and Sonny tells him to back off and let him deal with it.

Victor pops into Kelly's to get to know Spencer better. Victor brings up Spencer's charges and how he might be able to do something about it. He promises to make some calls. Spencer mentions he's living with Kevin because Laura has been out of town for months. Victor offers to have him and Esme stay at the hotel on his dime. Spencer says he wants to prove to his father he can make it on his own and turns him down.

Laura lets her deputy mayor know that she's coming home. She pays Cyrus a visit and tells him that she's not running anymore. Cyrus claims not to know that she and Martin were in hiding, and swears he has nothing to do with the hit. Cyrus claims to have had a "Come to Jesus" moment, which makes Laura laugh hysterically.

Cyrus explains that he was very sick and an angel came to him and broke his fever. Cyrus starts quoting bible passages, but Laura doesn't want to hear it. Cyrus tells her she's in danger, but not from him. Laura doesn't believe him and repeats that she's going home.

Laura's deputy mayor updates Victor that Laura's on her way back to Port Charles.  

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