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Perkie's Observations: Victor Uses His Power to Pull Strings for Spencer on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 21, 2021
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Victor Cassadine, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer, Cameron, and Esme play Santa's elves for the hospital children. Santa Kevin is thrilled to see Laura back home, as are her grandsons. Laura wants alone time with Kevin, so Martin subs in as Santa.

Laura tells Kevin about the attempted hit on her and Martin at the safe house. She explains the conversation with Cyrus. Kevin tells her Victor was released, and reuniting with Nikolas and Spencer. Deputy Mayor Ashby eavesdrops on the conversation. She calls Victor to let him know.

Lucy gets flirty with Santa until she realizes he isn't Kevin, but Martin. Martin asks her to join him for dinner and she accepts.

Violet is happy with a visit from Anna. Anna and Finn get caught up. She asks about Liz, but Finn is not talking. He asks about her relationship with Valentin and says he's accepted them together.

Liz and Drew reunite for the first time since his return. The two discuss Jake and his grief over Jason's death. Drew worries that Liz blames him for Jason's death, but she says Jason died a hero. Drew asks about any new person in Liz's life, but she's not talking.

Valentin and Charlotte drop by with a gift for Bailey. Valentin wonders why Brook Lynn is so sad since she has everything she's always wanted. Brook Lynn says she hates what she did to him and Charlotte. Valentin says Chase is an upstanding man and wonders why she lied about the paternity. Brook Lynn says she was protecting Bailey.

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Nikolas seeks out Trina to ask her opinion on Ava's Christmas present. After giving her opinion, Trina asks about Spencer and says Nikolas should give him a second chance. Spencer runs into them and gets into a tizzy with Nikolas. He tells his father Laura is back in town and siding with him, so Nikolas is now outnumbered.

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Victor comes across Ava at Charlie's. The two share a drink and discuss the situation between Nikolas and Spencer. Victor wants Ava to see past Spencer's transgressions. Ava disagrees, reminding Victor that Avery was involved. Victor thinks Spencer has potential.

Cameron questions Liz's decision to work a double shift. He mentions that Jake and Aiden are hiding from their crappy year, and how he can't have a happy time right now. Liz tells him to enjoy his time with Josslyn. Cameron tells her she needs to lead by example and be happy as well.

Anna notices Valentin and Charlotte looking sad at the Metro Court, and joins them.

Nikolas and Ava are happy to welcome Laura back in town at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Victor tells Spencer that he's heard from the prosecutor. Victor says Spencer needs to plead guilty, perform 500 hours of community service, make restitution to Ava, and serve 30 days at Spring Ridge. He says it's the best deal he could make.

Spencer is shocked, but Esme points out that Alexis' time wasn't that bad and Trina says it's better than the other option of one to five years at Pentonville. Spencer begs Laura for mayoral help and she says she'll do what she can.

Deputy Mayor Ashby introduces Laura who makes her speech and lights the tree. 

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