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Johnny Wactor Opens Up About Brando and Sasha's Baby Loss Storyline on General Hospital

Brando Corbin, Sasha Gilmore, General Hospital

Johnny Wactor and Sofia Mattsson

General Hospital's Brando (Johnny Wactor) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) have faced unspeakable tragedy in recent days. Wactor spoke to Soap Opera Digest about what went into filming baby Liam's birth and death.

When did he find out he would be involved in such a heartbreaking storyline? Wactor recalled:

It might’ve been, like, as early as us, you know, making love in the back of the Bronco. I think it was around then that [executive producer] Frank [Valentini] was like, 'You guys are going tp have a baby and it’s not going to make it.' I was just like, 'Jesus, dude. Come on, man. God!' I was like, 'Okay.' But I think it might've ben a week before we stated filming that scene before her water breaks that Frank kind of took Sasha and I aside, or Sofia and I aside, and was like, 'Hey, this is going to be a very important storyline. Make sure you guys are bringing your 'A' game.' and was basically pepping us up and just reminding us of the importance of it and to make sure that we’re not slacking off and to bring it.

Brando Corbin, Sasha Gilmore, General Hospital

Johnny Wactor and Sofia Mattsson

How did he prepare for it? Wactor explained a lot of "imagination work" went into it, as well as talking to friends that have children. He shared, as well:

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And so for me the preparation, I talked to my acting teacher, Stuart Rogers, a lot; he was extremely helpful, kind of getting me in the headspace, and so I created a little Liam for me. And you have to kind of spend a lot of time up here, in that world of this imaginary history that I have with Sasha Gilmore and everything that led up to the Bronco, us making love in the Bronco, to what that pregnancy had been like for the scenes on the show and making up scenes in my head that weren’t in the show.

Was there a lot of pressure? He mused:

A hundred percent. I’d like to say I didn’t feel pressure, but you do, because when you have the executive producer take you and Sofia aside and tell you the importance of this and to bring it, like, there’s one-hundred percent a lot of pressure that you feel, you know. But it was important for me to turn that pressure into fuel as like, okay, he's not saying, like, 'Do a good job or you’re going to ruin the show, it's not gong to be good, or you're done here,' but 'Hey, this is a friendly reminder, we’re giving you a great opportunity to do something great for the show.' And so I took it as that and just like an opportunity  to show up and perform and to put the work in.

The storyline has given Wactor a chance to connect with viewers "where they feel seen or their real-life story, you know, is heard and so people can empathize with them." He added that he was grateful for the opportunity.

Take a listen to the full interview below.