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Days of Our Lives' Carson Boatman Teases "Big Blowout" Reaction to Johnny and Chanel's News

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Days of Our Lives' Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) is a newlywed! While in Italy with Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens), the young filmmaker and his girlfriend tied the knot. Now that the two are back in Salem, what's in store? Boatman dished to Soap Hub.

The actor said of Johnny and Chanel:

They’ve had a couple of months to be together and to get to know each other. After all the drama [when Chanel revealed Paulina Price was Lani Grant’s mother], Johnny was like, 'Let’s just get out of here. Let’s hop on the DiMera jet and go to Italy, and I’ll show you where I grew up.' They’re overcome by passion and the magic of Italy. While they’re there, Johnny proposes, and Chanel [Raven Bowens] says yes. They got married in a small Italian church and came back as husband and wife.

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Boatman's real-life wedding to Julana Dizon matched up with his Salem one. He said:

It’s funny, because they gave me five days off to go and get married in real life. While I was off getting married, they wrote that Johnny and Chanel went off to Italy and got married. So I got married twice in the same week.

How will Johnny and Chanel's friends and family react to their newlywed bliss? Boatman mused:

Nobody’s parents are overly thrilled with the decision of these two kids to go off and elope in Italy. It turns into a big blowout. It’s the first time you really see Johnny acknowledge the missteps by EJ [DiMera, Dan Feuerriegel] and Sami [Brady, Alison Sweeney] as parents because they both kind of come at him. And he’s like, 'Well, who are you guys to talk? Look at your terrible relationship. You were never there when I was a kid. You set horrible examples for me. No wonder I make rash decisions.' Sami doesn’t handle that well, and neither does EJ but they both handle it in different ways.