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Dr. Oz Claims The View Turned on Him Because He's a Republican

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz is accusing the women of The View of giving him the cold shoulder because of his politics. Last Thursday, Oz spoke at a private lunch that was hosted in New York by Margo and John Catsimatidis. 

During the event, Radar Online is reporting Oz talked about wanting to work with both sides of the aisle if he wins the Pennsylvania senate race. On Dec. 1's show, the women criticized Oz's political aspirations. While the women all said they liked Oz, they were against his running, with moderator Whoopi Goldberg pointing out how he pushed to have schools open during the pandemic last year. 

Goldberg stated:

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Listen, you either get that this is about other people’s health. Kids going back to school deserve to be safe and if you as a doctor and a physician can't see that, then you're not somebody I want to vote for. No matter how much I like you!

Oz told the group at the luncheon how The View ladies "skewered" him and were so "angry" at being a Republican. Oz remarked:

I got skewed on The View … I’ve done that show thousands of times. These people know me well, they have been to my house, I’ve helped them, they have helped me back. They were so angry and so shocked I was Republican they couldn’t hold themselves back.