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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Plots With Liesl to Help Nina's Court Case on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 22, 2021
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Kin Shriner

Kin Shriner

On today's General Hospital recap: It's Christmas day in Port Charles...

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica tells Drew how she's sad about Jason, but grateful the rest of the family is around to celebrate Christmas. Brook Lynn's feeling hot and bothered by a mighty fine, and is short with Chase.

Drew tells Danny his father was a hero and offers to take him to a ballgame. Rocco arrives and gets a little jealous.

The Davis coven celebrate the holiday season. Shawn thanks Alexis for inviting him to join them. Alexis mentions that Dante and Drew are at the Quartermaines and how it's awkward for Sam. Sam tells them she and Drew are only focused on parenting Scout.

Shawn announces he's the new publisher of The Invader. He says he's going to make it a platform for the greater good.

Maxie is grateful when Liesl brings a gift for Louise. Liesl mentions how upset she is that Nina is not allowed to see Wiley for Christmas. Maxie and Liesl wonder why Willow's not in Nina's corner anymore. Liesl wants to call Willow, but Nina refuses and tells her to leave it be, which makes Liesl suspicious.

Scotty drops by to see Liesl, and she tells him that Willow knows about Nina and Sonny. Liesl wonders if he can get Willow to take the stand. Scotty thinks Willow won't tell the truth, which will be worse for Nina. Liesl worries that Nina will go to prison, so Scotty agrees to do it.

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At the Corinthi compound, Dante and Sonny have a moment of gratitude. Carly is not happy when a gift from Nina arrives for Wiley.

Sasha is released from the hospital and Brando asks her to come home with him. Sasha agrees since he's the only one who knows how she's feeling. Gladys is there to drive them home, but makes a stop at the Corinthi compound first. (Because when you've lost your baby and you feel like crap from a C-section suture, what you want is to spend time with Carly.)

Willow comforts Sasha and promises the pain will become manageable. Carly tells Sasha she's part of the family and has all of their support. Brando thanks Michael and Sonny for being supportive, despite their own losses.

Marshall heads to the hospital to play in the volunteer band to entertain the patients. Marshall flirts with Epiphany and manages to convince her to sing with them.

Portia tells Curtis about Marshall interrupting her breakfast with Trina. They see Marshall with the band and Portia tells Curtis that maybe not everything about Marshall is bad.

Brando tells Sasha he doesn't want to lose her as well as Liam. The two declare their love for each other.

Brook Lynn and Chase stop by with Bailey for Maxie. Scout has a moment with Drew. Rocco and Dante share a laugh. Monica spends time with Rocco discussing Jason.  The Davis coven share a toast. The Corinthi visit together.

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