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Joshua Morrow Previews Nick's Special Christmas Eve Episode on The Young and The Restless

Joshua Morrow

This Friday, The Young and the Restless will focus on Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). After giving toys to children for the holidays, Nick will doze off and be taken on a dream journey as he tries to figure out his future. The actor teased what's to come in the standalone Christmas Eve episode to Michael Fairman TV.

Nick is at an important juncture in his life. Morrow shared:

He’s just kind of wandering, and the biggest thing (and he’s been going through this a lot throughout his whole life) is that he just doesn’t know why he gets to this place. It’s like, is it something he’s doing? Is there something wrong with him? He’s just questioning a lot of things, so during the holidays, it seems like the perfect time to come up with solutions for oneself.

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Some of Nick's loved ones will pop up in the episode, including his ex-wife Sharon (Sharon Case). Morrow previewed:

Sharon is in the special episode offering Nick a lot of advice and guidance. Sharon is one of Nick’s biggest cheerleaders. She is constantly trying to make him feel good and better about things that he does. They’re really good friends. They are coparenting, you know. I’m no dummy, obviously the writing is on the wall as to where this will lead, but the journey of how they get there will be the question. I don’t know when it will happen, but obviously Nick and Sharon have a tremendous history, and anytime they get together it is usually beautifully told. I don’t know for certain because I don’t ask, but if that is indeed the path that they are going down, I am sure that it will be something the long-time 'Shick' supporters are very happy with. Like I said, there is no romantic anything at the moment. They’re nothing about that. It’s just that around the holidays, it’s tough not to have someone, and they’re there for each other. They’ve got kids, and they’re just trying to have a good Christmas.

His conflicted relationships with Victor (Eric Braeden) and Adam (Mark Grossman) will also come into play. At the moment, Morrow said, Nick feels like Victor trusts Adam; that rankles with the eldest Newman son, even though Nick has continually pushed his dad away. Morrow dished:

It’s an interesting situation for Victor to be in because I think he wants Nick to be in the fold. He wants Nick to be there whenever he needs him, but Nick has not made that easy. He is very hardheaded when it comes to the family dynamic at times. Nick has created all these difficult relationships now in his family, except with his mother. He and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) are at odds. He and Victor are always staring each other down at opposite sides of the fence, and then Adam comes in, and threatens what he perceived to be his role in the family, and that also kind of leads to the whole dream.

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