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Perkie's Observations: Laura Pushes Nikolas to Mend Fences With Spencer on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 23, 2021
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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: Dante drops over to talk to Shawn about official police business. Dante says they found a dead body in the Pine Barrens, a known hitman. The gun found with him was the weapon that shot Hayden. Dante says they found the person responsible and Shawn is now cleared.

Nikolas calls Shawn to let him know he's paid the final balance owed. Shawn tells him the shooter has been found and his records expunged.

Esme stops by the Webbers, looking for Cameron, and tells him and Josslyn about Spencer's plea deal. Josslyn says Esme is as much to blame, even though Spencer is taking all the blame. Esme's worried about Spencer's state of mind and wants them to go away on their trip before Spencer has to start his sentence.

Spencer tells Trina about his plea deal, thanks to Uncle Victor, who doesn't understand why Spencer is upset with it. Spencer says he thought he would go free, but Victor says no one could have gotten him a better deal.

Spencer talks with Trina about his sentence and how he needs to man up. Trina agrees and the two hold hands, just as Esme walks up and sees them. Esme interrupts to tell them she spoke with Josslyn about getting the cabin. Spencer asks Trina to join them and she agrees.

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Laura discusses Spencer with Nikolas and how she's heartbroken about his actions. She apologizes for not believing Nikolas, but wants him to do right by Spencer. Nikolas says Spencer still resents him, but Laura says Nikolas needs to step up before someone else does. Laura mentions that Victor is back and Nikolas agrees his presence is concerning.

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Laura wonders how strong Nikolas' relationship is with Victor. He admits that Victor found him after he was shot and nursed him back to health. Laura pushes Nikolas to spend time with Spencer and restore their bond.

Martin and Lucy wake up together after a night of fun and shenanigans. The two head down to the restaurant. Laura tells Martin that Cyrus claims he didn't set up the hit and someone else wants to hurt them.

Victor runs into Liesl and gets all flirty with her, but she's not having it. The two argue back and forth. Victor warns her to stay out of his affairs. Liesl warns him right back.

In the court of Llantano County, the Corinthi arrive for Nina's hearing. Carly wants this chapter to be over and for Nina to get out of their lives. Nina thanks Willow for not disclosing her secret. Nina doesn't understand why Scotty seems so happy and ready.

Sonny takes the stand and is taken through his testimony by the Pennsylvania district attorney. Scotty asks if Sonny told the authorities about Nina or why he didn't press charges. Sonny claims he lost too much time away and wanted to spend time with his family.

Scotty mentions that Michael gave the DA a donation just days before Nina was arrested. The DA wants a chance to refute the accusation and calls Willow to the stand.

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