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Days of Our Lives Recap: John and Sami Embrace Each Other to Save Marlena

Days of Our Lives Recap for December 27, 2021
John Black, Sami Brady, Days of Our Lives

Drake Hogestyn, Alison Sweeney

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Julie is feeling all “Christmas-y” and Eli thinks it’s amazing the Devil tried to burn it down the day before. Julie wants to forget all that demonic nonsense and gives Eli a gift.

At Casa de Walker, a shirtless Tripp wishes Allie and Henry a “Merry Christmas.” He feels pretty good for a man just coming out of a coma…and having been turned into Jan Spears by the Devil.

Side Note: In case you’ve forgotten, you’re watching Days of Our Lives!

Allie tries to get him to forget demons by reminding him they are all together for the holiday. Henry is not phased and agrees to pancakes. Just then, Allie gets a text from Johnny reporting he and Chanel are back from Italy.

At Chez DiMera, Johnny and Chanel are awakening, and remembering they are back and married. Chanel wonders if his parents might be getting used to the fact they are married. Johnny reminds her his parents have bigger fish to fry.

At the Salem PD, EJ sits in the interrogation room as Nicole enters. Maggie and Victor are watching Holly, which left Nicole to check on her lover. She wants to know if he actually had Samantha Gene kidnapped.

At the Penthouse de Black, Samantha Gene greets Lucas at the door and tells him John has Marlena in the back, tied to the bed.

In the back, John is trying to get through to Marlena on Christmas morning. MarDevil smiles, laughs and says, “it’s a nice day for an exorcism.”

Like sands through the hour glass…

At Chez DiMera, a shirtless Johnny tries to explain how his dad may have kidnapped his mom. He wonders if she is having second thoughts about marrying into the DiMera family. Chanel says she is in for the long haul. Johnny suggests they go fill Allie in.

Side Note: Johnny and Chanel are adorbs.

At the Salem PD, EJ assures Nicole he is innocent and someone is setting him up. Nicole wonders who would set him up. EJ wonders who wouldn’t set him up. EJ now begins telling Nicole the list of half of Salem who hates him enough to frame him. Despite the large number of folks who would frame him, EJ is convinced Rafe is the prime suspect. Nicole thinks Lucas is more likely the culprit.

Side Note: Nicole always was smarter than the average Salemite.

EJ begins to think Lucas could be guilty, just as Nicole begins to defend him.

Side Note: Oooooooh, EJ just brought up Lucas almost letting Samantha Gene get the death penalty for being accused of killing Franco.

Nicole still thinks Lucas isn’t guilty and wonders if Samantha Gene kidnapped herself… actually, EJ hasn’t convinced her of his innocence.

At the penthouse, Samantha Gene explains that MarDevil burned down the Horton angel. She goes on to say that Marlena is the Devil’s favorite place to go for the holidays.


Samantha Gene is worried about John and hopes MarDevil hasn’t turned him into a goat. She thinks she is the one who deserves to be possessed by the Devil. Lucas wonders if anyone would be able to tell the difference.


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Samantha Gene tells Lucas she still doubts EJ’s guilt and wants to get back with him. Just as Lucas scoffs, a loud noise emits from the bedroom.

In the bedroom, John tells MarDevil she is losing her power. He grabs a rosary and a bible, and begins to say the Lord’s prayer. MarDevil argues and laughs as he goes on and on. MarDevil throws a lamp with telekinetic powers, but John reminds MarDevil he has God on his side. He then begins reading from the book of Revelation - about the Devil being cast out of heaven. He then sprays holy water on MarDevil, who begins to burn!

Flashback: MarDevils original exorcism

John continues to quote bible verses and flings holy water on MarDevil. She screams as her skin burns. Just then, Samantha Gene and Lucas enter. MarDevil turns to her as Marlena and begs for help. John tries to shake sense into Samantha Gene as she begs for his mercy. At the same time MarDevil continues to scream for help. John drags her out of the room. As Lucas tries to leave, MarDevil slams the door and addresses him. They have things to discuss.

MarDevil thinks they have a few things to get straight. She knows what a bad boy he has been. She knows that Lucas is the one that kidnapped Samantha Gene and held her captive. Lucas says she knows nothing about him. MarDevil says she knows he is an imbecile. Lucas thinks she made him do what he did. MarDevil insists she didn’t make him do anything…she only planted the idea in his “booze-soaked brain.” MarDevil says she will tell Samantha Gene everything if he doesn’t help her escape.

Back in the living room, John and Samantha Gene discuss the hideousness of the exorcism. As much as she hates it, she understands and also brought Grandma Caroline’s rosary.

Side Note: When I tell you I teared up.

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Samantha Gene goes on to say how much she loves her mother, no matter how much it seems like she doesn’t. John embraces her and says he knows and they are all on the same side. They need to be a united front. ALL. IN. John tells her they will need the support of their entire family. Samantha Gene turns to ask Lucas if they have his support, which is when they realize he is gone.

Back in the bedroom, MarDevil reminds Lucas if he unties her, she will keep his secret. She will make sure Samantha Gene never knows what he did. Lucas thinks everyone will hate him for setting her free. MarDevil reminds him everyone will hate him for kidnapping Samantha Gene…and now EJ. He’s “screwed” no matter what he does. Lucas is ready to capitulate and goes to untie MarDevil…just as Samantha Gene enters.

In Horton Square, Abe and Paulina run into one another and wish each other a Merry Christmas. She tells Abe she has a new son-in-law to shop for and it's not Eli, but Johnny. Abe seems very skeptical about her happy news. Paulina also seems less than thrilled. However, she reminds Abe that Lexi was a DiMera and Theo actually is. Just then, Eli and Lani arrive.

Paulina tries to wish them a Merry Christmas. Eli responds, but Lani tries to walk away. Just then, Paulina makes them aware that Lani has a new brother in law. Lani seems less than thrilled with Chanel’s decision. Paulina tries to take the opportunity to give Lani gifts for her grandchildren.

Outside Casa de Walker, Chanel is hesitant to go in because she isn’t sure how Allie will take the news. Johnny is ready to spring the news on his twin. Allie welcomes them in and here comes Tripp! They all want to exchange presents, but Johnny is chomping at the bit to spill his tea.

Johnny can’t believe EJ would do that to Samantha Gene. Allie scoffs, but Johnny wants them to agree to disagree. Just then, Johnny spills the news about his marriage to Chanel…she also declares that they are no longer just “besties”. Now, they are family! Allie thinks Chanel just made the biggest mistake of her entire life.

Johnny thought Allie would be happy for them. Allie is not standing for ANY of this marriage foolishness! Allie begins to GO IN on her twin. Chanel looks less than thrilled with Allie’s response… and possibly her decision.

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Allie and Chanel needing a moment alone. Lucas and Johnny decide to go hang with Henry…and the argument begins. Allie thinks Chanel is being blind to Johnny’s bulls*** . Chanel thinks Allie is being short-sighted…and then Johnny and Tripp return. He stops everything and says he thinks Allie is jealous and wants Chanel to herself!

Side Note: Johnny is also smarter than the average Salemite.

Back in Horton Square, Paulina describes the kaleidoscopes she bought for her grand babies...Lani is not terribly impressed. She tries to explain how she and Tamara had them as children and wanted to pass them down to her grandchildren. Lani is neither amused nor enthused, but decides to accept them.

In the interrogation room, Nicole asks EJ who this new “him” is. She just doesn’t get it. EJ doesn’t understand how she could think he would have Samantha Gene kidnapped.

At Casa de Penthouse, Lucas tells Samantha Gene he was trying to prevent MarDevil from escaping. She pipes up immediately to say he is lying… ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Back in the living room, John is praying to ask for strength to see the exorcism through. He just needs a sign. Just then, a knock on the door… ERIC!

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