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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Pushes Willow to Expose Sonny and Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 27, 2021
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Kin Shriner

Kin Shriner

On today's General Hospital recap: Lucy's distracted by thoughts of Martin at yoga with Maxie and tells her about the one night stand.

Valentin and Martin discuss Bailey not being his daughter and how Valentin plans on making Brook Lynn pay. Valentin wonders if he has a share in Mikkos' will now that it turns out he's Victor's son and Martin agrees to look into it. Martin mentions sleeping with Lucy, which doesn't make Valentin happy.

Valentin says he's Lucy's business partner and Martin can't look after his best interest if he's sleeping with her. Valentin says Martin can either have him for his client or Lucy as his lover, but not both.

Anna stops Victor from interrupting Valentin, so he asks what her relationship is to Valentin. Anna mentions how she's been keeping track of Victor and she'll deal with him if he steps out of line. Anna warns Victor to behave himself or else.

Esme's excited about the trip to the cabin, while Spencer continues to worry about what happens to him after. Laura pops in and isn't amused when Esme calls her grandmother, so Esme backtracks.

When Laura asks Spencer about his wellbeing, he immediately jumps down her throat and accuses her of hating him like Nikolas does. Laura says she doesn't hate Spencer, but she's disappointed in what he did. Spencer promises he's learned his lesson, but Laura says she doesn't believe it since he's hanging around with Victor. Laura reminds Spencer he needs to make amends.

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Brook Lynn has naughty dreams of Chase ,which makes her cranky in the morning. Ned mentions the issues that Brook Lynn is having and how she needs to protect herself from Chase, just as he arrives.

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Ned says Valentin has started his retaliation and he doesn't want his granddaughter to be used in a war between her parents. He tells them to sit with lawyers and figure out their partnership when it comes to Bailey.

Marshall drops off flowers for Epiphany and the two continue to be flirty with each other. He eventually asks her to join his band as the lead vocal. Pif admits she thought he was asking her out on a date. Marshall apologizes and says he doesn't date and hasn't in a while, but he really is just interested in the music.

Drew complains to Curtis about not having a job, but he at least has the Marshall project. Curtis mentions how there's very little digital footprint of his father and the two decide they need to see if Marshall has a different background.

Curtis says he's been so angry with Marshall that if he were to ask questions now, his father would get suspicious. Drew suggests tricking Marshall into giving up some information like his social insurance number. Curtis says he'll have to use Aurora or ELQ services.

Willow takes the stand and the DA asks if she ever donated to his campaign, which she denies. On Scotty's turn, he questions whether she and Michael discussed things and explains that Willow does not have spousal privileges. Scotty brings up the subject of perjury, so Willow testifies there is a business relationship with political figures.

Willow claims Michael wanted justice for his father and says she was aware the donation was legal and above board. Scotty asks Willow if she believes Sonny sees himself as Nina's victim. Willow claims Sonny isn't anyone's victim so Scotty pushes harder, asking if Willow knows of a reason Sonny wouldn't go after Nina legally.

Sonny tries to take Carly out of the courthouse so she won't hear anything, but she refuses. Scotty badgers Willow until she admits she overheard Sonny and Nina in the chapel. Willow admits she heard Sonny and Nina talking about love in Nixon Falls. 

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