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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena’s Family Unites to Bind MarDevil

Days of Our Lives Recap for December 28, 2021
Dr. Marlena Evans, Sami Brady, Eric Brady, Lucas Horton, Days of Our Lives

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Johnny telling Allie she is jealous of his marriage to Chanel because she is still in love with her. 

At the Salem PD, Brady is thanking Belle for getting the murder charges dropped. She says he should thank Chloe because she is responsible for getting Kate and Victor to reverse their declaration of Philip’s death. Belle hopes they get another Christmas miracle with her mother’s impending exorcism. 

Speaking of exorcisms, Eric has arrived at Casa de Black. He has no idea what to tell Eric since they aren’t really dealing with Marlena…it’s MarDevil. 

In the bedroom, Samantha Gene wonders what MarDevil is talking about. What has Lucas been keeping from her? 

Flashback: MarDevil knows Lucas kidnapped Samantha Gene.

Like sands through the hour glass…

Allie claps back at Johnny, saying she’s in love with Tripp. She doesn’t want Chanel to get hurt. Chanel really wants Allie to be happy for her. Allie would like to be happy for her, but she has made similar mistakes - remember Xander! Allie says she’s going to have her heart broken. It’s just a matter of time. 

Johnny doesn’t understand why his twin is being so cruel to him. Allie says sharing a womb doesn’t mean he gets a free pass.

Side Note: While Allie’s comeback was solid, I’m with Johnny. 

Chanel thinks Allie isn’t being very merry on Christmas morning. They exit as they leave a pained and angered Allie calling Johnny a jerk. Tripp thinks Johnny might be right about her feelings for Chanel. 

Allie tries to allay Tripp’s fears about his love for Chanel…she kisses him, but he appears unconvinced. Allie works a little harder and Tripp begins to believe. Just then, the phone rings. Allie needs to come to the penthouse. 

At University Hospital, Kayla and Steve are reviewing the events of Jan Spears and Tripp and MarDevil. They decide to leave those bizarre happenings be for a minute because it’s the holidays at the hospital! 

Steve reemerges in his Santa Claus suit bellowing, “I’m Patchy Claus”. Patchy Claus wants Kayla on his lap. They discuss how they miss Stephanie and Joey, and wish they were back in Salem. 

Side Note: WE DO TOO!

Flashback: Christmases from Kayla and Steve’s past.

In the Devil’s bedroom, Samantha Gene tries to get Lucas to tell her the truth. MarDevil tries to interrupt when she is threatened with a face full of holy water. MarDevil turns to Samantha Gene and calls her AN UNGRATEFUL SOW!

Side Note: I HOWLED!

Lucas says he’s been lying to her…about his feelings for her. He loves Samantha Gene. MarDevil is tickled by Lucas’ hems and haws.  

In the living room, Eric is worried about John, but he’s only worried about Marlena. Eric tries to calm his nerves by reminding him that he is suited for the job that lies before them. He takes off his coat and reveals his priest’s collar has returned!

John thinks Eric going back to the priesthood was the will of God. Eric says it was Nicole who made him realize he needed to go back. She told him collar or no collar, he had never changed. John thinks it’s go time. 

Just as Lucas is sort of getting to the point, Eric walks in and gets MarDevil’s attention. He begins to quote scripture as MarDevil begins to get snarky. Eric thinks it’s time to send her back to hell, but MarDevil says her work here is not done. 

Side Note: Hmmmmm….

Eric asks folks to leave so he can handle MarDevil alone. As they leave, MarDevil warns Lucas his secrets will get him in trouble. Samantha Gene hugs Eric and exits. 

When they are alone, MarDevil starts in on Eric - you arrogant little man. She warns him that he will die. 

In the living room, Brady and Belle enter as Lucas, John, and Samantha Gene fret. Brady apologizes to Lucas and he says he believes Brady brought no harm to Philip. 

John explains the situation, where Eric is and why he is in the bedroom with MarDevil alone. 

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Brady and Belle are very curious about how Eric was…re-frocked. They give up on explanations and wonder how he’s doing with MarDevil. 

Back in the bedroom, Eric says a prayer as MarDevil asks about he reversed being defrocked. She understands how the church could forgive him, but what about the parishioners who had to watch the video of him rolling around nekkid with Kristen? Eric reminds her that he was drugged and not in his right mind. 

Eric says he’s found his calling again. MarDevil thought his true calling was adult entertainment. Just then, we hear the unmistakeable voice of La Davidson as Kristen. MarDevil has morphed into Kristen all clad in sexed up lingerie. She wonders if he wants to take another tumble in the sheets. 

Eric shakes his head as if that will make her go away. KrisDevil says she’s a lot more real than he might think. She reminds him of what fun they had their first go around. Eric says he was drugged so KrisDevil snaps her fingers and produces a computer playing a video to remind him. 

The video captures the part where Eric takes over, undresses Kristen, and goes to town. KrisDevil says she thinks this uninhibited version of Father Eric is the actual Eric. Just as it appears that Eric might give in, Brady walks in and urges him to resist the Devil’s tricks. 

KrisDevil says she will always have a special place for Brady…she’ll do her best to remind him. 

As Brady comforts Eric, MarDevil reappears and thinks the fallen priest and the boozy brother are no match for her. 

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Back in the living room, Samantha Gene is trying to understand how Shawn Douglas slept with Jan Spears. The devil made her look exactly like Belle. Samantha Gene gets snarky and Belle reminds her that Jan Spears wouldn’t even be an issue had she not helped release her from Shady Pines!

Samantha Gene thinks Belle should blame Nicole. Belle is having none of Samantha Gene’s foolishness. John is having none of either of them and reminds them they need to be united. Eric and Brady return and agree it is the only way they will beat the devil. They have to work together as a family. 

In Horton Square, Tripp is pushing Henry around and runs into Chanel. They clear the air about the awkward encounter they were just a part of. They also discuss how Allie and Johnny have been called to Casa de Black. Chanel decides to join Tripp and Henry to go see Patchy Claus.

Side Note: It’s nice to be reminded that Tripp and Chanel have chemistry as well. 

Outside Casa de Black, Johnny and Allie decide to call a truce. Samantha Gene opens the door and embraces her twins. She sends Johnny in so she can talk to Allie. She tries to tell her about Chanel’s marriage to Johnny, but they both decide this is not the right time. 

Inside, Lucas decides this situation calls only for immediate family. Johnny wonders what happens next. Eric says an exorcism. They all band together to help Marlena push out MarDevil. 


In the bedroom, Marlena’s family enters and surrounds the bed. MarDevil acknowledges the family, and asks if Johnny is doing research for his movie. John quiets Johnny and Eric commences the exorcism. 

Side Note: Eric crossing everyone while the camera pans to individuals praying is really impactful. Nice work. 

Eric asks everyone to join hands and say the Lord’s Prayer. They say it in unison as MarDevil watches. A wind begins to blow, the prayers continue, and MarDevil says, “Nothing will bring back Marlena. She’s mine for eternity!” The bed begins to bounce up and down! 

Eric begins to yell his prayers as the bed continues to bounce, and Marlena’s family continues to audibly pray. 

Side Note: I’m not really sure how to describe what happened next. Let’s just say you should watch it if you haven’t. 

The bed begins to calm, Marlena’s family looks anxious, and MarDevil appears to have passed out. Just as everyone begins to celebrate, MarDevil rises and wonders if that’s all they’ve got!

MarDevil turns her attention to Belle and reminds her that she was the first to give up on Marlena when she was in a coma. 

Side Note: I emitted an actual gasp. 

MarDevil goes on to remind Belle of how many times she’s cheated on Shawn Douglas… she finishes by calling her a “cheap slut.” Samantha Gene tries to defend her sister, when MarDevil turns on her and calls her a “professional slut.”

Eric tries to wrest back control by telling the family to talk directly to Marlena. They begin to almost speak in unison as MarDevil begins to struggle. She is shouting out as much hate as she can as they fight to pull Marlena to the forefront. 

Eric and John fight in tandem to save Marlena. 

Flashback: Marlena’s memories returning through the eyes and minds of her family members. Powerful.

MarDevil screams, “No!” and passes out. John goes over and calls for Doc. She awakens and smiles at John. It’s Marlena. She’s been saved!

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