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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Finds Himself Doing Damage Control on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 28, 2021
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Brook Lynn and Chase are tasked with watching Leo while Ned and Olivia head to get his test results. Chase wonders why Brook Lynn is so jumpy and she claims it's because they're stuck in limbo while Peter's unconscious. Chase reassures her that things will come to an end and they'll go back to their lives. Chase promises he'll be at her side through it all. Chase wonders if they should put up boundaries, but Brook Lynn says she wants him here at least in a co-parenting capacity.

The doctor explains to Ned and Olivia that he has determined that Leo has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He tells them to take the time to process the diagnosis. The doctor says they'll have to adjust the way they parent and how Leo will learn moving forward. He says they can get Leo into programs that will help. He promises that Leo will live a happy, fulfilling life.

Liesl tells Britt she signed her up for a matchmaking service because she's pining for Jason. Liesl says she bonded with Scotty over Franco's death and the same can happen for Britt. Britt says she's not interested. Liesl tells Britt about Nina falling for Sonny in Nixon falls. Britt now understands why Nina didn't tell anyone when Peter showed up in Nixon Falls.

Shawn tells TJ that he's turning The Invader into a reputable company. TJ tells Shawn that Marshall is alive and in town. TJ says he wants to know the man even though he's not biologically his grandfather.

Marshall shows up, looking for ad space to promote his band, so TJ introduces him to Shawn. Marshall accuses Shawn of being responsible for his son's death. TJ defends his father. Shawn says Tommy was not in his right mind and Shawn acted in self-defense. Marshall feels responsible for not being there to protect his son.

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Curtis tells Stella he's discovered that Marshall is a musician and wants her to fill in all the blanks that he doesn't know. Stella says Marshall doted on Curtis' mother Irene and he loved his clarinet. Curtis wants to know about other family and friends, but Stella says he should be asking Marshall. Stella admits she spoke with Marshall. He wants to get to know Curtis and for him to talk to his father. Marshall calls someone to let them know that he's still in Port Charles and promises he's following protocol. Curtis shows up.

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Carly insists on staying and hearing the rest of Willow's testimony. The DA tries to stop Scotty's questions, but he insists. Willow testifies that Nina said their love was the purest, but it ended when he got his memories back.

The DA asks Willow if Nina's feelings motivated her to conceal his identity, but Willow doesn't know. Willow is released from the stand and storms out, followed by Michael. Michael questions why Willow didn't tell them what she knew. Michael says Nina played Willow

The judge decides he wants to hear from Sonny and calls him to the stand. The judge asks if Sonny had a personal relationship with Nina in Nixon Falls. Sonny tries to tap dance around the question, but the judge forces Sonny to answer. Sonny admits he and Nina fell in love. The judge asks if Sonny sees himself as the victim of a crime, but Sonny says no.

Scotty's closing argument is that Nina committed no crime against Sonny and asks the charges to be dismissed. The DA counters that Nina deceived Sonny, which should be considered criminal. The judge needs time to deliberate.

Nina gets angry with Scotty then leaves the courtroom. Willow wonders if Nina used her.

Sonny chases Carly down, but she doesn't want to hear what he has to say. 

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