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Perkie's Observations: Carly Has a Million Questions Sonny Can't Answer on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 29, 2021
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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Michael blames Nina, but she's quick to point out that he was the one who sent the DA after her. Nina says he's the reason her relationship with "Mike" was outed. Willow claims Michael wanted justice and not revenge. She yells at Nina for being cruel by keeping Sonny away.

Nina accuses Willow of eavesdropping on a private conversation before storming off. Michael yells at Scotty, but he's not taking the blame for Sonny's actions. Michael punches Scotty in the face. (Have his ass arrested Scotty!)

Willow follows and continues to berate Nina, but she denies telling Scotty about her relationship with Mike. Nina says Willow could have lied because no one would have contradicted her. Nina says Willow's truth-telling devastated the family she claims to love.

Carly hopes Sonny isn't still sleeping with Nina, but he denies anything of a sexual nature. Carly says he fell in love with someone else and wonders where that leaves her. Sonny claims he wasn't himself in Nixon Falls. He explains he didn't tell her because of Jason's death and Brando and Sasha's baby issues.

Carly accuses him of protecting Nina. Sonny says his feelings for Nina are over, but Carly says he's lying to himself. She insists Sonny tell her everything that happened in Nixon Falls. Sonny explains about meeting Phyllis, Lenny, and Nina, and how she helped him deal with con man Elijah.

Carly wants to know what Willow overhead and asks how many times he met with Nina. Sonny claims Nina was nothing to him once he remembered Carly and his family. He tells her about the dreams of the blond woman and how she's his.

Carly says he kept a part of himself from her and asks if he ever planned on telling her about Nina. Sonny says she needs to let things with Nina go and how he loves Carly. Carly asks what he feels for Nina today. Sonny says he sees Nina as Mike's friend but also sees what she did to Carly and the family. He says it's all jumbled up. Carly can't believe he'd still have feelings even after all that Nina has done.

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Spencer heads to the campus to drop out of classes. He runs into Josslyn, who's waiting for a seminar to start.

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Alexis finds herself at the same seminar on conflict resolution and promptly gets into it with the professor. Professor Khan tells Alexis she doesn't belong there as a student, but as a teacher. After some thought, Alexis thinks she might enjoy the job.

Josslyn waits for word on Nina's trial and tells Spencer how much she hates Nina. Spencer mentions Ava and Josslyn agrees she has hatred for her as well but she's Avery's mother.

Stella talks to Portia about Marshall and how he could be a difficult person to deal with. Stella's concerned about Curtis and how hard this is for him. Portia believes Curtis really wants to know his father and Stella worries the truth will hurt him. Stella tells Portia to step up and help Curtis through this.

Marshall tells Curtis he plans to stay in town for a while, which does not sit well with Curtis. Curtis wants to know where his father has been, but Marshall is still not forthcoming with details. He wants to know who Curtis is now and says he had no choice with how his sons grew up.

Marshall claims he thought leaving was for the best at the time. Marshall says he's not in a place where he can support Curtis, but he reminds Marshall he's grown up now. Marshall wants a second chance, but Curtis only wants to know where his father has been all these years.

Stella stops by to see Marshall and says Curtis won't stop until he gets answers. She says she's worried, but Marshall promises Curtis won't find out she knew Marshall was alive

Willow tells Michael she was trying to protect Carly and Sonny's marriage, but he doesn't blame her. Michael blames Scotty and Nina.

The judge decides the DA failed to prove that Nina's actions were fraudulent and dismisses all charges. The DA apologizes to Willow for calling her to the stand, but explains how Sonny's testimony that he wasn't a victim was the clincher. Michael tells Willow that he won't let Nina get away with it.

Carly says Nina still has a hold on Sonny and now she needs time apart from him. She tells him not to come home tonight. 

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