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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Opens Up to Dante on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 30, 2021
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: It's New Year's Eve in Port Charles...

Josslyn cancels plans with Cameron to spend time with Carly. Willow still blames herself, but Michael puts the blame on Sonny's shoulders for not telling Carly the truth.

Willow apologizes to Carly for what happened in the courtroom, but Carly questions why Willow didn't tell her the truth. Willow says she had no choice, but Carly says Willow could have spoken up before. Willow says she didn't want to hurt their marriage since Sonny loves Carly not Nina. Carly wonders if Nina asked Willow not to say anything.

Willow admits Nina asked her to keep it quiet and Carly points out that Willow chose Nina over the Corinthi. Carly says she asked Sonny about his feelings and he couldn't answer her. She says she doesn't know what to believe anymore and storms outside to pray to St. Jasus. Carly returns to apologize and tells them she loves them all, including Willow, before heading out to clear her head.

Dante finds Sonny drinking at Charlie's and asks about falling in love with Nina. Sonny claims "Mike" fell in love with Nina and worries he's lost Carly forever. Dante is certain they will find their way back as they always do. Sonny admits he should have told Carly before it came out and Dante questions why he didn't.

Sonny says he wanted things to be over, then they were grieving the loss of Jason, and he waited too long. Dante wonders if Sonny felt sorry for Nina and figures his father still feels something. Sonny says there is still some of "Mike" in him and still carries a piece of his heart, which belongs to Nina. Dante says Sonny can't forget the experiences he had as "Mike". Sonny says Nina is like an ex and will fade away. Dante takes Sonny's keys before heading out.

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Drew stops by Sam's with a gift for Scout. Scout asks if her father can stay until midnight, but he tucks her in before leaving. Dante stops by to spend time with Sam.

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Scotty has gifts for Liz's boys. He tells Liz that Franco would want her to move forward, but also warns Finn to play nice with the Webbers. Liz apologizes to Finn that Franco's presence is still with them, but he's okay with it. Liz removes her ring to clean up then loses it. Finn helps retrieve it from the drain and Liz hesitates before putting it back on. Liz decides to put the ring away and the two share a hug.

Nina complains to Maxie about Scotty messing up her life and explains about Willow's testimony on the stand. Nina blames Liesl, who gleefully admits she told Scotty. Liesl says she didn't destroy Nina's life, she saved it.

Scotty joins them and Nina complains to him about her relationship coming to light. She is upset that the Corinthi family is hurting, though Scotty says he was doing everything to keep her out of prison.

Martin tells Lucy that dating her causes a conflict of interest with Valentin, but he has no plans to make a choice. The two make plans to head to his place, but he spots Valentin and tries to hide. Lucy tells him to fire Valentin as a client and to pick her.
Martin joins Valentin and Anna, and complains about being all alone on New Year's Eve since Valentin doesn't want him to spend time with Lucy.

Lucy asks Maxie's help in sneaking out without Valentin spotting her. At the stroke of midnight, several couples kiss, including Valentin and Anna, allowing Lucy and Martin to sneak out unseen.

Curtis apologizes to Portia for not giving her the time and energy she deserves because of his attention to Marshall. Curtis wants them to get closer and tells Portia he's falling for her. The two have sex.

Nina runs into Sonny at Charlie's and when he notices his keys are missing, she offers him a ride to wherever he wants to go.

Carly heads to the bridge where she runs into Drew (I DO NOT WANT A DREW/CARLY PAIRING SHOW. DO NOT GO THERE.)

**Happy New Year to everyone and a safe and healthy 2022**

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