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Amy Schneider Sets New Record For Most Consecutive Jeopardy! Games Won by a Woman

Amy Schneider

Amy Schneider is solidifying her place as the reigning queen of Jeopardy!. Not even a week after becoming the highest-earning female contestant in the show's history, Schneider registered her 21st straight victory. That is the most for any female contestant on Jeopardy! ever, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Julia Collins previously held the record with 20 consecutive wins, established in 2014. Schneider shared her joy at her triumphant moment on Twitter:

The following day, Schneider scored her 22nd straight victory. She now boasts the fourth-highest number of consecutive wins amongst all Jeopardy! contestants, just ten shy of the top spot. 

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Schneider also is the first openly transgender contestant on the show to qualify for Tournament of Champions.