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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke Realizes She Drank The Real Thing! (WATCH)

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for January 3, 2022
Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Ridge is on his way home as Brooke awoke to a startling revelation. Deacon is in her bed, but claims nothing happened. Brooke is horrified to learn she did vodka shots and kissed him. She boots him out before Ridge gets home.

Deacon goes to the bar and opens up the non-alcoholic champagne as Sheila watches. She has lots of questions about what happened at Brooke's, but Deacon isn't sharing any details. Sheila gets upset with him and he storms off. Sheila realizes if Deacon is testing the champagne, there must have been some actions that need investigating.

Brooke tries to hold it together while she and Ridge catch up. She starts to tear up and tells Ridge she doesn't like it when he's not around. Ridge goes upstairs and Brooke starts to remember all of her party antics with Big D. As Brooke heads into a shame spiral, she wonders what triggered her drinking binge. 

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The Good:

-Sheila did some real work on those labels to give Brooke a real champagne surprise.

-Deacon greets Brooke with a "Good morning sunshine." We could all use a little morning sunshine from a charmer like Deacon.

-Deacon moves fast and seeks out some answers, starting with a test of the non-alcoholic champagne.

-Sheila is positively giddy! Deacon thinks he's one up on her, but she knows if he's checking out the champagne, then there's a story to seek out.

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The Bad:

-Brooke the alcoholic didn't recognize the signs of intoxication, but thankfully her raging headache brought the correct realization. She drank and is now hungover!

-Ridge and Brooke share a sweet reunion, but she can't stop ruminating over New Year's Eve.

-Paris recalls her kiss with Carter, who pops in to give her some advice about what happened the night before. Really Carter, relationship advice?

-Sheila dogs Deacon about how Brooke insists on keeping her out of the picture. Keep it to yourself girl.

The Ugly:

-Lots of kisses to stir up trouble, but still no sex!

-Carter just can't help but complicate other peoples' romances. First Zende, then Eric, and now Zende again?

What was your good, bad, and ugly for today? We want to hear from YOU!

Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap!