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Perkie's Observations: Laura Gets Shocking News About Luke on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 3, 2022
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Kevin Collins, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: It's still New Year's eve in Port Charles...

Carly's sad to see Drew and not Jason on the bridge. Drew offers his ear, so Carly complains that Jason's no longer here for her. Drew talks about his time with Jason while trying to find a way to take Peter out. He offers to help Carly, but she tells him to go his own way and to leave her be.

Nina drops a drunken Sonny off at his apartment. Sonny is angry with Nina for not giving him a heads up that Willow had overheard them in the chapel. Sonny continues drinking, but stops Nina from leaving, insisting she knows what happened with Carly. Nina understands since he's not with Carly tonight, but with her.

Sonny says he wanted to tell Carly himself, but there was never a right time. Nina points out there was never going to be a right time to tell her. Sonny yells at Nina for falling in love with Mike when she knew who he was. He says Carly can't get past what was kept from her. Nina says what they had in Nixon Falls is part of the past. She says she hopes he works things out with Carly. 

Maxie apologizes to Anna for being so hard on her about Peter, which Anna graciously accepts. Felicia wants Anna's help in finding the baby to bring her home. Maxie says she doesn't need anyone's help and is determined the baby will be back in her arms soon enough.

Felicia and Anna discuss their issues. Felicia's still upset about Anna keeping Peter's secrets. Anna promises she's willing to help find Louise.

Kevin and Laura talk to Mac about Victor. Mac apologizes, saying it wasn't his place to stop the deal with the WSB. Laura worries about what Victor has planned now and thinks she should touch base with Valentin.

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Peter languishes in a coma until we see his finger move. He then opens his eyes and grabs Austin's arm.

Britt accuses Victor of kidnapping Liesl and delivering her to Peter. Victor counters by bringing up Jason and his death. Austin interrupts to say that Peter is awake and wants to see Victor.

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Peter accuses Victor of betraying him, but Victor says it was just business and he's the only one that can help Peter. Victor says he'll offer Peter protection in exchange for information on Drew. Peter wants access to Maxie first.

Britt calls Mac and lets him know that Peter is awake. He updates Maxie and Felicia, who head to the hospital. The Scorpios get to the hospital. Austin promises Maxie that Peter will never hurt her or Louise again. Mac tosses Victor out of Peter's room.

Britt admits to Austin she wouldn't have been sad to see Peter die, but hopes he gets sent to prison. The two discuss how they both worked the holidays because they didn't have a better offer. (And that ladies and gentlemen is what we call a chemistry test, and I didn't hate it ,though I would prefer Drew/Britt because there is just so much pretty between those two and I'm just that shallow!!)

Harmony finds Alexis at Charlie's toying with a glass of champagne. She complains that Willow didn't contact her to wish her a Happy New Year. Alexis counters with her own complaints about life outside of Spring Ridge and all the temptations that come with it. Harmony gets angry with Alexis for not being able to stop herself from drinking. Alexis admits she doesn't have anyone to talk to, but Harmony says she's here for her if needed. Alexis promises she won't drink the champagne and thanks Harmony.

Laura is surprised to find Tracy at her door. Tracy tells her that Luke is gone.

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