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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke Is Devastated By Her Drunken Debauchery With Deacon (WATCH)

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for January 4, 2022
Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: The fallout from Brooke and Deacon’s drunken New Year’s Eve festivities continues...

Brooke/Hope/Ridge: Brooke remembers the drunken events of New Year’s Eve. She doesn’t understand why she drank again. 

Ridge comes downstairs and wonders how New Year’s Eve was with Hope and the kids. Hope walks in and wonders if he really wants to know what happened because it was a crazy night. Hope was being facetious because, from her view it wasn’t crazy at all, but he should know that Deacon was there for a short time. Ridge wants to know if he was on his best behavior. Brooke ducks the question and says Ridge was missed. 

Ridge is being Ridge and getting all growly about Deacon. He wonders if Deacon did something to upset her. Ridge thinks she seems “off”. Brooke explains she never sleeps well when he’s gone (especially when Deacon is in her bed). Ridge promises that next New Year’s Eve, he will be with his hot, beautiful wife (whoever that is).

Ridge’s phone rings and he leaves. Brooke picks up her phone and calls Deacon. He assures her that nothing happened. Brooke scoffs because she fell off the wagon. Deacon wants her to stop torturing herself. Brooke says she was about to tell Ridge everything when Hope came in. Brooke makes Deacon promise to keep everything a secret…forever.

Brooke spies the half empty vodka bottle, begins to cry, and pours it into a potted plant before she can take a swig. 

Liam/Deacon: In the carriage house, Liam is trying to help Douglas when he remembers seeing Brooke and Deacon's drunken kiss. He tells Liam he saw Grandma kissing Santa Claus. As Douglas leaves, Deacon knocks on the door and asks if he can come in. Liam doesn’t really understand why Deacon has darkened his door when Hope isn’t there.

Donna comes to fetch the kids for their trip, leaving Deacon and Liam alone. Deacon reminds him that they will always have their love for Hope in common. He goes on to remind Liam that they used to talk to each other before he went to prison. He actually admires Liam for standing up for his family. Liam says he will support Hope until she faces heartache. Deacon wants Liam to give him a chance. In fact, he was surprised Brooke invited Deacon for New Year’s Eve. Deacon said it was a crazy night. 

Carter/Paris: At Forrester, Carter tells Paris their kiss should probably be a one time deal. She wonders if he was trying to start his New Year off with a bang. Paris can’t believe Zende wanted to propose. Carter thinks she’s a good person for saving him the heartache of rejecting his proposal.

Hope/Liam: Hope has returned home. She hopes the challenges in her marriage - some caused by Deacon - will disappear in the New Year. Liam suddenly remembers to tell Hope that Deacon came by. He explains that they kind of had a good talk. Hope is thrilled. Liam thinks there is a lot of gratitude going around these days, with Taylor back in town and Steffy being so grateful about it. 

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Sheila: Sheila is thinking about Brooke and how she replaced her champagne. She speaks aloud to herself that she will do what she has to do to keep Brooke out of her way. Sheila has a sneaking suspicion that Brooke’s world is already starting to fall apart. 

The Good: 

-Katherine Kelly Lang: She shines when Brooke is tormented by her own actions. 

-Kimberlin Brown: She shines when she is responsible for someone’s torment...especially Brooke's. 

The Bad: 

-Growling Ridge makes me want to root for Deacon and Brooke to continue to get drunk, kiss, and lie together in bed - “above the covers.” 

-Paris and Carter’s presence in this episode made very little sense when they had no relationship to Brooke and Deacon’s night of drunken semi-debauchery. 

The Ugly: 

-Nothing much to report here. This episode was pretty solid minus the repetitive flashbacks. 

What was your good, bad, and ugly for today? We want to hear from YOU!

Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap!