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Days of Our Lives Recap: Xander Approaches Steve to Help Find Sarah

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 4, 2022
Xander Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

Paul Telfer

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Rafe/Ava/Nicole: Nicole finds finds THAT DAMNED bear no longer has a head. She's alarmed and calls Rafe.

Ava is playing house and offers to host Rafe's family for the holiday. Just when Rafe is ready to settle in for the day to be alone with Ava, he gets an emergency call from Nicole. Ava's not happy about the interruption.

Nicole accuses Sami of beheading Duke, but Rafe isn't so sure. Rafe leaves and later runs into Ava in Horton Square. He asks her if she knows anything about the beheading.

Gwen/Xander: Gwen has a nightmare that Xander finds out about her secret alliance with Kristen and decides to leave her. She's thrilled when nekkid Xander wakes her up. Gwen is gonna keep doing what she does best...dig that hole even deeper. Xander says he wants to hire Steve to find Sarah.

Jack/Jennifer: Jack and Jennifer pop in on Steve and Kayla. Jack announces they're leaving for Boston to save a small town newspaper from going under. When Xander comes to see Steve, he and Jack say their goodbyes.

Later, Jennifer tells Jack she has to say goodbye to Gwen or he will regret it. Gwen appears and Jack tells her he loves her, and they share a tearful embrace. Here comes Abigail! She and Gwen exchange some awkward phrases about a potential future beyond their current situation. Gwen learns about Abigails's plans for Sarah.

Abigail/Maggie: Abigail visits Maggie and tells her about the search for Philip. She tells her aunt she will give her a heads up if Victor's name is to appear in the paper. Maggie asks Abigail to look for Sarah, and she agrees. Maggie fills her in on the last deets about Sarah and what she told the police department. Maggie doesn't understand why Sarah would leave town with Rex without telling her.

Ava/Gwen: Gwen is very unnerved about the possibility that Sarah will be found. Ava tells her not to worry about their connection to Kristen, until Gwen tells her Xander wants to hire Steve. Gwen puts herself down in St. Sarah's shadow and Ava tells her she should be first for any man. Gwen wonders if Ava is talking about Rafe or Xander. 

Steve/Kayla/Xander: Steve wonders if Sarah left him on purpose. Xander thought so until he found out Rex and Sarah weren't together, and Rex doesn't know where she is. Steve turns Xander down because he already has a case. Kayla tells Steve she's going with him to find Kristen.

Xander/Maggie: Xander tells Maggie he had no luck with Steve. Maggie informs him that Abigail has taken on their case.

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The Good:

-THAT DAMNED BEAR is beheaded!

-Nekkid Xander in bed. It's always a pleasant way to start the day.

-Gwen never learning a lesson. Every soap needs someone who knows what trouble is and just can't keep away from it.

-Jennifer's haircut, it was long overdue and looks way better.

-Maggie looking at a photo of Mickey and asking him to bring their girl home.

The Bad:

-Stay at home mob boss Ava pining for and hedging around Rafe to keep him happy. Is Ava really that smitten with the chronic cheater? Thankfully, she showed some signs of her real personality.

-Jennifer encouraging Jack to say goodbye to his daughter Gwen after she went out of her way to annihilate his other daughter Abigail.

The Ugly:

-Everything that had to do with THAT DAMNED BEAR (except the beheading of course). Nicole and Rafe spend way too much time focused on it, and I'm not sure why.

What was your good, bad, and ugly for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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