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Perkie's Observations: How Big Was Victor's Role in Luke's Death on General Hospital?

General Hospital Recap for January 4, 2022
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Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy

On today's General Hospital recap: Tracy wakes up on Laura's couch the next day and explains what happened to Luke. Apparently Luke was in a cable car crash in Austria. Laura mentions checking in with Lucky. Tracy says the authorities identified his remains and gave her his personal effects. She blames herself for Luke's death and explains he got a tip about a scam in Austria.

Tracy says she told him she didn't want him to go back to that life. Kevin and Laura try to reassure her, but Tracy heads out to see her family. Laura breaks down in Kevin's arms. Laura apologizes, but Kevin says he understands her grief and how Luke was a large part of her life.

Bobbie stops Valentin from getting access to Peter, but he says he needs information. Bobbie tells him that Victor visited with Peter, which angers Valentin. Bobbie refuses to let Valentin in, then Alexis arrives and offers to keep an eye on him. Valentin tells Alexis that Victor paid Peter a visit and she agrees that it's concerning. Alexis mentions almost falling off the wagon the night before and he offers to be there for her if needed.

Curtis and Portia wake up together the morning after. Portia says it feels right this time, versus when they were together 20 years ago. Curtis wonders how they would have done things differently, but Portia says she wouldn't have changed the past. She feels everything they've done led them to now. Curtis tells her he's falling in love with her and Portia reciprocates. She wants them to focus forward and leave the past behind.

Nikolas notices an article in The Invader that makes him and Cassadine Industries look bad. Shawn interrupts to let Nikolas and Ava know he's now in charge of the paper. After Shawn leaves, Victor comments that Shawn's become a nuisance and asks if Nikolas wants him to handle things but both Nikolas and Ava refuse.

Kevin finds Nikolas and tells him that Luke died and he should check in with Laura. Kevin says they need to find Ethan, so Nikolas promises to reach out to him. Victor offers his condolences, which don't sit well with Kevin. Victor makes a comment about how he thought that Luke would go out in a blaze of glory.

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Monica asks if Drew has plans on getting back together with Sam, but he says they're only co-parenting Scout. Drew tells her that Peter is awake and wants to see him about the conditioning. Monica worries that Peter will hurt Drew rather than help him and begs him to be careful.

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Ned and Olivia explain to Brook Lynn about the consultation with Leo's doctor. They mention Ned's plans to adopt Leo (wasn't that done already?).

Olivia talks to Ned about his affair and how much it hurt her. Ned swears it won't happen again and Olivia says she's forgiven him. Olivia promises that Ned is the man she wants to spend her life with. Ned wants them to renew their vows and Olivia agrees.

Monica and Brook Lynn are surprised when Tracy shows up needing her family. She fills them in about Luke's death. Ned consoles his mother and they offer to help organize a memorial. When alone with Brook Lynn, Tracy questions why she's still pretending to be Bailey's mother.

Shawn has a copy of the paper for Alexis and asks her to be his second in command.

Drew runs into Valentin, who mentions that no one is allowed to see Peter. Drew says he has questions only Peter can answer, but Valentin worries that Peter will be able to reactivate Drew's conditioning. Drew asks about ELQ and the power struggle. Valentin tells him that he controls Drew's voting stocks.

Laura summons Bobbie and tells her that Luke was a victim in a cable car crash. Bobbie tearfully doesn't want to believe it. She's certain this wasn't an accident, but someone killed Luke on purpose. Laura disagrees saying it was simply an accident.

Victor gets a call and tells the person the hit on Laura can be dropped now that Luke has been neutralized. He's ready to move to phase two.

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