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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad's Inner DiMera Catches Kate Off Guard

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 5, 2022
Chad DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Nicole/EJ: EJ drops in to chat with Nicole and chuckles at her accusation that Sami is responsible for Duke's demise. Nicole tells EJ that Sami and Lucas ditched Salem together. EJ accuses the weasel Lucas of kidnapping Sami and planting evidence for Chad. Nicole tries to piece together the trail of proof and thinks EJ's come up with a conspiracy theory.

EJ wants to apologize for how he treated Nicole when Sami came back. Nicole rails on him about all the crap he dealt her to cover his tracks. She refuses to be EJ's consolation prize. EJ now realizes he really wants Nicole. Nicole wants to be put first since the men in her life want it both ways. EJ refuses to leave, so Nicole does.

Rafe/Ava: Ava denies beheading Duke..because...why would she do that? Ava flips the script and wonders why Rafe would think she's capable of doing it. Rafe tells Ava that Nicole accused Sami. Ava relates how she saw a blonde woman at the office. Rafe says he can check the security footage. Ava chides Rafe for going through all this trouble for a stuffed bear and tells him that Sami could have done much worse to Nicole for sleeping with EJ. Rafe disappears and returns with an "I'm sorry" cake. Ava embraces Rafe and spies Nicole entering the square.

Xander/Rex: Xander offers to buy Rex a beer. Xander and Rex rehash their stories about Sarah. Rex says Sarah warned him not to look for her. 

Xander tells Rex about what happened with Kristen and Susan. Rex tells Xander the DiMeras have an island where they dump people forever. He adds the deets about Kristen's Kate mask. Rex and Xander agree to keep each other informed.

Abigail/Gwen/Jennifer/Jack: Gwen questions Abigail as to why she wants to find Sarah. After all, she's a reporter, not a private detective. Gwen accuses Abigail of trying to get back at her. Abigail claims she wants to help her Aunt Maggie. She thinks Gwen doesn't want Sarah found because of her relationship with Xander. Gwen warns Abigail to let Sarah be.

Jack steps in and tries to keep the sisters apart. Abigail says she just wants to know what happened to Sarah. Abigail leaves and Jack asks Gwen what's really happening with her. Gwen admits her deep feelings for Xander and how she worries about Sarah's return. Jack tries to assure Gwen that Sarah hurt Xander too much for him to go back to her.

Kate/Chad: Kate advises Chad not to be cocky about his new position. Chad thinks the evidence points to EJ kidnapping Sami, which he felt obligated to report to Shin. Kate accuses Chad of planting the evidence that got EJ booted from DiMera, but he denies it.

Kate wants a declaration on Stefano's grave, which Chad can't do. He tells Kate the evidence was planted by Lucas. Chad also informs Kate that he thinks Lucas kidnapped Sami and not EJ. Kate absolutely doesn't believe it, but Chad promises to keep it quiet. Chad warns her that digging around could send Lucas to prison, but Kate doesn't want EJ to be wrongly sent up either.

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Chad wants Kate to keep quiet as well, and wonders what would happen if Roman found out about Lucas. Kate says she won't be able to keep quiet. Just then, EJ enters. He wants to know what Kate can't keep quiet about.

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The Good:

-Ava playing mind games with Rafe to protect herself. Granted, it's not difficult, but still fun.

-You can't pull one over on Kate...ever...unless you're Chad!

-Gwen's venom toward Abigail.

The Bad:

-Let's stop talking about Duke...he's deader than dead.

-Rafe hell bent on finding out what happened to Duke as if there are no other crimes in Salem.

-Jack overcompensating to help and support Gwen, while freezing out Abigail.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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