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Perkie's Observations: Tracy's Powers of Deduction Lead Her to Bailey's Identity on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 5, 2022
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Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot

On today's General Hospital recap: Tracy insists Brook Lynn tell her who Bailey really is and where she got her. Brook Lynn claims she helped a mother who couldn't take care of her baby and did it to get ELQ back. Tracy accuses Brook Lynn of stealing the baby, but Brook swears she didn't. Tracy questions why Chase is involved and what's between them, but Brook Lynn swears she and Chase are just friends.

Willow's apologetic, but Michael assures her that he doesn't blame her. Michael tries to get Willow to see that him having Nina arrested is the same as her not speaking up about the secret. Willow's not having it, saying her keeping quiet wasn't her secret to tell and was not about Wiley.

Harmony drops by with a gift for Wiley. She asks Willow about Nina being set free and Willow tells her what came out at trial. Harmony thinks Willow should give Nina the benefit of the doubt regarding Wiley. Michael wonders how this is any of her business, so Harmony backtracks and apologizes. Harmony promises she just wants what's best for her family.

Maxie heads to the hospital where Britt and Austin tell her that Peter will be sent to Pentonville once he's well enough. Maxie worries that Peter will escape from the hospital.

All are surprised when Martin shows up as Peter's attorney. Peter wants Martin to prove that he didn't kill Franco. Martin says he would only take the case if Peter pays him $50,000, which Peter accepts. Martin says he'll only deal with Franco's case, as Peter has charges in other jurisdictions.

Maxie questions Martin, who tells her that he's taking Peter's case about Franco. He says business is business.

Felicia tells Anna that she's worried about Maxie's behavior regarding Louise' absence. Anna agrees and says Maxie seems reluctant to look for her baby. Felicia says Maxie believes her baby is safe. Maxie joins them and tells them about Martin taking Peter's case.

Robert joins them to let them know that Luke was killed in an Austrian cable car and is gone. Robert and the women commiserate about their loss. Robert mentions that Bobbie's taking it badly and she asked to be left alone to process. Maxie offers to check in on Tracy.

Anna and Robert discuss their life with Luke, and Anna is upset that she never had a chance to say goodbye. The two admit they're going to miss him.

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Valentin 's not thrilled when Victor wants to make small talk and brings up losing Bailey. Victor wants to know if Valentin will retaliate and offers to help him. Victor says Brook Lynn disrespected the Cassadine name and needs to be punished. Valentin wonders what he has in mind.

Martin interrupts and tells Valentin he took on Peter's case. Valentin is angry, but Martin says he has bills to pay and Peter needs a good defense.

Alexis tells Sam that Shawn wants her to be his second in command and Sam questions why. Shawn says he needs someone who will fight for what's right. Alexis agrees to consider the offer.

After he leaves, Sam questions her mother and Alexis admits she doesn't understand the newspaper business. Sam says she believes in Alexis. She calls Shawn back and tells him she'll take the job.

Austin tries to stop Britt from going into Peter's room. Britt says her last time with Peter was on Cassadine Island and she needs to speak with him. Britt blames Peter for Jasons' death and says he brings pain and suffering to everyone, including Maxie.

Britt brings up the missing baby, who is possibly injured or dead, which upsets Peter. Britt says she despises Peter and he accuses her of poisoning him. Britt replies that if she had, he'd be dead. Britt says she wants him rotting in a Supermax prison knowing he'll never see his daughter. (Great big giant kudos to Kelly Thiebaud for this scene.)

Austin questions Britt later, asking if she feels better for confronting Peter. Britt says she hurt Peter and was glad she did, which Austin understands. The two commiserate about their lack of a social life outside the hospital.

Felicia and Maxie head to the mansion, where Felicia offers Tracy her condolences. Maxie is drawn to Bailey. When alone, Brook Lynn tells Maxie that Tracy knows Bailey isn't hers. Maxie worries that Tracy will figure it out since she's so sneaky and suspicious.

Alone with Tracy, Felicia tells her about Maxie's baby missing and Tracy realizes that both babies are the same age. Tracy remembers her elementary math. She puts two and two together, and figures out the baby is Louise.

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