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The Young and the Restless Recap: Traci Lays Down The Law With Billy and Victoria (WATCH)

The Young and the Restless Recap for January 4, 2022
Traci Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Beth Maitland

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Billy/Lily/Victoria: Billy and Lily are reflecting on Victoria's evil plan. Billy wanted vindication, but now he can't expose Ashland, Victor, or Adam for the no goodniks they really are. Lily is ready to move on, but Billy isn't. Victoria texts that she wants to meet them at The Grand Phoenix. Lily ain't thrilled, but Billy doesn't think he has many options.

Victoria wants to kick their plan into overdrive since Adam will be at the hotel later. Victoria suggests they provoke Adam to get him to retaliate. Lily wonders how Victoria is now in charge, and Victoria tells her it's because she is.

Phyllis/Victoria: While Victoria waits for the hapless duo at The Grand Phoenix, she tries to get the deets on Phyllis' New Year's Eve. Victoria takes jabs at her newly single life without Nick. Phyllis retorts that Victoria couldn't possibly have found her ideal man in Ashland Locke.

Adam/Chloe: Adam's at the office recalling his emergency with Sally. Chloe comes in and remarks about the condition of the office. Adam tries to blow smoke up her ass, but she's too smart. Chloe advises Adam to avoid a love triangle with two ticking time bombs since they could upend his business.

Sally/Chelsea/Chloe/Adam: At Crimson Lights, Chelsea approaches Sally and asks about her New Year's Eve. Sally concedes she was with Adam working until midnight, then they shared vodka and caviar. Chelsea is a bit put out since Adam has no interest in Sally romantically. They decide to talk business, but Chelsea shoots down every idea of Sally's. When Chloe shows up, Chelsea leaves.

Chloe is mad that Sally lied about her intentions with Adam. Sally claims her rivalry with Chelsea will propel them to work harder. Chloe seems skeptical.

Later, Chelsea confronts Adam about his work emergency with Sally. Adam warns her that his personal life is his. Chelsea asks Adam about his feelings, but he has no answer. Chloe arrives and scoops Chelsea away. She's pissed and tells Chloe she wants to fire Sally.

The Grand Phoenix: Adam comes in and Victoria wants to pull the trigger on their plan. Just then, Traci enters and Billy wants to pull the plug on their plan. Billy greets Traci, who wonders what in gay hell he's up to. Traci warns Billy she's keeping tabs on him, but she also has a life, and goes to her massage appointment.

Billy explains that Traci and Jack know his downward spiral was faked. Victoria isn't happy to be kept out of this loop. Lily IS DONE with her BS and wants to stop, but Victoria isn't having it. 

Traci tells Adam she sees the best in both him and Billy, but can't advocate them ever being friends. She sees them as being in the same dark places. (Phyllis ain't too far away for this convo.) Traci watches as Billy and Adam needle each other. When alone, Traci tells Phyllis she knows how much she and Jack mean to each other.

Traci pleads with Billy, Lily, and Victoria to focus on the positives in their lives and go forward without any destructive plans. No dice.

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Traci/Victoria: Traci shows up at Victoria's office. She tells Victoria she will not let her use Billy for some personal agenda. Traci tells her she will protect her brother no matter what. Victoria claims they're equals and will both benefit when they take Adam down. Traci tells Victoria if something goes wrong, it will be on her conscience.

The Good:


-Chloe foretelling the future, which is happening very quickly in the present.

-Snarky Phyllis and Victoria.

-Sweet Traci handling Phyllis' complicated relationship with Jack in a couple of pointed sentences.

The Bad:

-The Grand Phoenix was booked solid and the ballroom was packed, but we weren't let in on the fun.

The Ugly:

-Round and round we go, we have plans and secrets that nobody knows...or understands.

What was your good, bad, and ugly for today? We want to hear from YOU!

Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap!