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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jennifer and Jack Mend Fences With Gwen Before Departing Salem

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 6, 2022
Melissa Reeves, Matthew Ashford

Melissa Reeves, Matthew Ashford

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Kate/Chad/EJ: EJ waltzes in and expects Kate to tell him what Chad won't. Kate tells EJ it's about Lucas. EJ interrupts that he knows Lucas left town with Sami, so Kate runs with it. EJ wonders why Chad wouldn't tell him this bit of news and doesn't believe it's to spare his feelings.

EJ tells Kate and Chad he knows Lucas kidnapped Sami and set him up. He warns Kate not to trust how Chad will run the company. EJ wants help to find proof and offers to put Kate back in her position, but she refuses to help him. Kate tells him Lucas isn't capable of holding someone for months, but EJ is. Chad wants EJ to leave and threatens to call security. EJ gets snarky and leaves.

Chad tells Kate she did the right thing. Before she leaves, Kate remarks that Stefano's looking down on him and saying, "That's my boy."

Abigail/Xander: Xander offers to be more than a source. He wants to do everything to help Abigail find Sarah. Abigail is hesitant and tells him how Gwen accused her of coming between her and Xander.

Xander tells Abigail that Gwen's upset with him, not Abigail. He explains he's doing this to help Maggie. When Abigail questions him about Sarah, Xander says he just wants to find Sarah and is now with Gwen. Abigail agrees to let Xander help. The two put their heads together and reconstruct the day she disappeared. Xander admits Sarah wasn't herself that day.

Abigail and Xander talk about private jet pilots. Xander tells her there are dodgy pilots who will take cash and keep quiet. Abigail agrees that she should take the less dodgy ones and let Xander handle the others.

Paulina/Chanel: Paulina gives Chanel another gift and offers to throw her and Johnny a wedding bash. Paulina gets the scoop on Johnny's family...Sami's gone and EJ is facing kidnapping charges. Paulina offers to help EJ see the light about his son's new wife.

John/Marlena/Johnny: John is trying really hard to make Marlena comfortable. She appreciates it and tells him she's fine. Marlena promises the Devil isn't coming back. Guess who's at the door? Johnny! They catch up on events since Christmas and Johnny flashes back to New Year's Eve. Marlena wonders if something's wrong.

Johnny thinks it's jet lag, but the good doctor knows it doesn't take this long to bounce back. Marlena and John are thrilled when Johnny tells them he and Chanel got married in Italy. John asks if he still plans on making the movie and the Devil stirs up inside Johnny. Johnny tells them it's officially dead and buried, but there are more stories to tell.

Jennifer/Jack/Gwen: Jennifer tells Gwen she's happy that she and Jack worked out their differences. She encourages Gwen to stay on good terms with Abigail and offers to help work through their own relationship. Gwen thinks Jennifer really wants to know if she killed Laura.

Jennifer wants Gwen to tell her what she told the police about Laura's death. Not because she's accusing her, but because she doesn't know the details. Gwen tells her everything that happened and swears it was an accident. Jennifer believes her, and talks about Laura's struggles with mental illness and what happened with Gwen's mother. The trio say their goodbyes and Gwen leaves.

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Gwen/Xander: The duo come back to their room. Xander tells her that Steve can't help him, but Abigail will. 

The final yards: 

Abigail comes by DiMera to see Chad. He tells her what happened with EJ and mentions that he may have Kate on his side.

Kate comes upon Jennifer and Jack outside of Julie's place. Kate's sorry she didn't get to say goodbye properly. Jennifer is a tad put out, so Kate hopes she not still upset about her little fling with Jack. The three part company amicably. 

EJ's chatting up Stefano's portrait. He announces he has to take all of his traitors down. In walks Paulina. She tells EJ they're throwing a reception...and it will be at the DiMera mansion.

Johnny is primping in the mirror when the Devil appears. He wants Johnny to let him in so he can make him famous, which is what Johnny really wants. Chanel tells him about the reception plans and Johnny is on board.

Marlena concedes to John that Johnny didn't seem like himself today.

 The Good:

-Jennifer reaching out to Gwen. Say what you will, but Reeves and O'Brien really sucked me in today. (Somehow, I'm not completely sold that Laura's really dead.)

-Putting two people who dislike each other and rarely cross paths...Abigail and Xander...for a common cause...finding Sarah.

-Lots of Salemites are scared of EJ, but not Paulina!

The Bad:

-EJ has unlimited resources and limited time. He should be spending ALL of the cash to prove his innocence, and not rely on Kate and Chad, or plot revenge.

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