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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Admits His Feelings For Nina Run Deep on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 6, 2022
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Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Tracy wonders what Brook Lynn is up to. She tells her that Felicia is worried about Maxie's attachment to Bailey. Brook Lynn says she doesn't see the harm in Maxie spending time with the baby.

Gladys has been worried about Brando and Sasha, who seem to have spent some time apart for a few days. Gladys is just happy to see them both, but Sasha says she's heading to Deception, to get back to work.

Lucy and Maxie talk about taking Deception public and how it will thrive. Brook Lynn gets to work and tells Maxie that Tracy has guessed that Bailey is Louise. Maxie wonders if they can trust Tracy to keep the secret. She says they need to come up with a plan before Peter finds out the truth.

Lucy tells them that someone has to be the face when the company goes public and wants it to be herself. Maxie and Brook Lynn think Sasha should be the one. Lucy feels it's too soon, but Sasha heads to Deception and tells the women she's back. Sasha says she's ready to get back to work, just as a daycare nanny comes in with Bailey. Sasha gushes over the baby before stopping herself and leaving to gain control of herself. (....and she's back on drugs in ...3...2...1)

Brando talks to Gladys about how he's having a hard time figuring out how to deal with Sasha and her grief. Gladys says she's willing to listen once he's ready to talk about everything. Brando believes Sasha's doing okay, but Gladys tells him to keep an eye on her.

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Ava's thrilled for Nina when she hears about the case being thrown out. Nina tells Ava about Willow's testimony and Ava gobbles up the juicy, salacious details. Nina chastises Ava for her glee, so Ava pulls back and says she's just looking out for her. Nina mentions dropping Sonny off on New Year's Eve, but she didn't stay the night. Ava believes Sonny is caught between Nina and Carly.

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Avery questions Carly about her father's whereabouts. Carly claims Sonny is out of town on business, but promises he'll be back soon. Olivia arrives and Carly tells her about the relationship between Sonny and Nina in Nixon Falls. Carly tells Olivia that Sonny refuses to admit he has feelings for Nina. Olivia counters by asking what Sonny thought when Carly told him about her feelings for Jason.

Carly claims it was an extraordinary situation and she put her feelings aside when Sonny came home. She says she made a choice to pick Sonny, but he can't do the same. Olivia mentions that Ned will adopt Leo, and she and Ned will renew their vows. Olivia tells her not to waste time and fight for her marriage.

Dante finds Sonny at the penthouse and tells him about Nina driving him home, but swears she didn't stay. Dante questions whether Sonny wanted Nina to stay. Sonny admits the alcohol made his Mike feelings resurface. He says he can't get rid of those feelings for Nina. Sonny says his feelings for Carly and his family are real and that whatever he feels for Nina doesn't matter. Dante tells him to talk to Carly.

Alexis and Sam discuss her working for The Invader. Ned interrupts and tells them Tracy came home with news about Luke's death. This surprises the Davis women since Tracy is a fugitive. Tracy arrives and Ned warns her she shouldn't be walking around town. Tracy doesn't want to hear it, but Alexis reminds her she fled the country. Tracy counters that Alexis probably slept her way into this new job. Ned breaks up the argument and drags Tracy away. Sam tells Alexis that Tracy needs to pay for what she did.

Sam calls Dante to come to Metro Court to arrest Tracy, just as she's about to tell Ned the truth about the baby.

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