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The Young and the Restless Recap: Amanda Wants Devon to Keep His Options Open With Dominic (WATCH)

The Young and the Restless Recap for January 5, 2022
Mishael Morgan

Mishael Morgan

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Chance/Abby: Abby informs Chance that his playtime with Dominic resulted instant sleep. Chance is still unsure of how he's doing, but Abby tells him there's a steep learning curve. Abby encourages him to focus on their family and she has faith in him. Chance brings up Devon and his role in Dominic's life. They decide they can't change their agreement, but can allow Devon to have a role.

Devon/Amanda/Abby: Devon is upset that Abby and Chance were so defensive, but Amanda reminds him the circumstances around Dominic are complicated. She wonders why Devon waited for them to come around, but tells him to not let it go.

Knock, knock! It's Abby. Amanda heads out so they can be alone. Devon and Abby apologize for creating tension the last time they talked. She's grateful for everything he's done, including letting her and Chance bond with Dominic...BUT the original  agreement will stand. They need to establish their family unit without confusing Dominic.

Amanda returns and figures out the talk with Abby didn't go well. She gets upset and ticks off all the missteps Abby made. Amanda tells Devon he can take legal action. Devon doesn't want to, but Amanda reiterates how he rearranged his life when Abby left Dominic with him to find Chance. Amanda wonders what their next move will be if they already drew a line in the sand once.

Sharon/Rey/Nick: Sharon is schmoozing with her hubby at Crimson Lights when Nick walks in bearing gifts for Faith. Nick says his time in Milano was the best present he could have given himself. He tells them Summer, Kyle, and Harrison are settled in and enjoying their new life. Rey departs.

Nick realizes Summer's distance from the family allowed her to grow and challenge herself. He tells Sharon that being a Newman should not define himself, a claim he acknowledges he's made before. Nick talks about his dream with Cassie, Noah, and Faith telling him to get back to his roots. When Rey returns, Nick takes off. 

Chance/Rey: Chance meets Rey at Crimson Lights and asks to return to work. Chance is anxious to hear about what Rey is working on. 

Chelsea/Noah/Nick: Noah catches Chelsea at Society doing breathing exercises to relax. She's totes stressed out. Chelsea questions how much he knows about Sally, but he doesn't have an answer...except they looked close at the wedding. Noah is giving Adam another chance because of what he did for Faith.

Noah questions whether or not he's making the right choice in his new job. Chelsea doesn't get the answer to the million dollar question...why did he come back?

Nick comes in and Chelsea leaves. Nick tells Noah he has grand ideas, but not to be judgmental. Nick has a clear vision and asks Noah to ditch Newman and come work for him.

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Back at the Chancellors: Chance returns home and tells Abby he's excited about the prospect of returning to work. Abby however, doesn't seem as stoked.

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The Good:

-Chelsea and Noah? Hmmm...

-Abby and Chance keep Devon's visitation request at bay, while Amanda encourages Devon that he has options.

-You can always feel that old Schick magic.

The Bad:

-C'mon Noah! Tell SHOW US why you came back!

-Summer, Kyle, and Harrison are all dolce vita in Milano without any blowback from Ashland.

-Nick, you're fine AF, but pick a life lane bro!

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap!