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Perkie's Observations: Carly Struggles With The New Realities of Her Marriage on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 7, 2022
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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Chase stops over to take Bailey home and Brook Lynn warns him to watch out for Tracy. Chase complains about his suspension and how frustrated he is. Olivia shows up with her panties in a bunch, telling them about Willow's testimony and the fallout.

Brook Lynn and Chase talk her from the ledge so she doesn't punch Nina in the face. Olivia watches them get flirty with each other before Chase heads out, and asks Brook Lynn about it. Brook Lynn puts her off and asks about Carly and Sonny, which distracts Olivia.

Spencer interrupts Trina and Ava to discuss working for her as restitution. Ava says he owes her for the damage to the gallery with the fake blood. Ava mentions he'll be working for Trina after his sentence, which upsets Trina. 

Ava tells Spencer he needs to right his wrongs and he needs to make amends with Trina for hurting her. Spencer admits he hurt Trina, but doesn't think he can make it up to her. Trina comes back calmer and agrees to be the one to supervise his work. Trina wonders why Ava is punishing her by making her work with Spencer. Ava says it gives Trina a chance to boss Spencer around. Ava says Trina needs the experience since she'll run her own gallery some day.

Josslyn vents to Cameron about Sonny protecting Nina in court and thinks he's betrayed their family. She's worried that Carly and Sonny have broken up for real. Esme overhears and questions whether they can still use the cabin (one track mind, that one.) Esme apologizes and mentions how much Spencer needs to get away before his sentence starts. Josslyn pulls back and agrees to check with Sonny about the cabin since he owes her now.

Esme talks about her parents' break up before their deaths and how devastating it was. She makes a snarky comment about people who break couples apart. Josslyn leaves to talk with Trina. Cameron discusses Esme's anger and how she can't let it erupt. Esme apologizes to Josslyn and later Josslyn asks Cameron if he thinks Esme was being legit.

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Phyllis tells Nina she heard about what happened at the hearing on the news. Nina swears she didn't want to come between Carly and Sonny. She mentions seeing Sonny on New Year's Eve and Phyllis chastises her for it. (Hey Phyllis, remember when you were pushing those two together like it was your job?)

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Nina wonders if Sonny's happiness lies with her and asks if Phyllis thinks it's possible. Phyllis tells her not to act on her feelings. Phyllis says Nina violated Sonny and she needs to leave him alone.

Finn's happy that Liz has agreed to a date and how she's ready to move on without her wedding ring. Liz says Franco would want her to be happy and she's happy with Finn. The two share a kiss.

Chase shows up with Bailey (good Lord that baby is adorable!!) and he spots the closeness between Finn and Liz. Finn admits he and Liz have gotten closer, and thinks nothing stands in their way. Later, Liz finds the ring in her locker.

Chase brings up his suspension and Finn understands that it's making him restless. Chase mentions how things are awkward between him and Brook Lynn now and Finn figures parenthood is temporarily messing things up.

Sonny tells Carly he wants to come home. He understands he should have told her the truth sooner, but blames Jason's death. He says he doesn't want to spend anymore time without her.

Carly insists on Sonny telling her whether or not he has feelings for Nina and he admits he does. Sonny claims he's getting over his feelings and they're complicated. Carly says she doesn't blame him as Mike, but he owed her the truth. Carly calls Sonny, Nina's accomplice. Sonny says he didn't want a war and wants Carly to forget about Nina.

Sonny asks if there is no hope for their marriage. Carly wants honesty from him and asks if he slept with Nina. She says she can't forgive what she doesn't know and that she needs all the details. Sonny says the feelings for Nina are Mike's not his. Carly storms out and Sonny throws barware. Welcome to the Corinthos marriage.

Carly shows up at Crimson to confront Nina. 

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