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Perkie's Observations: Nina Spills More Tea Than Carly Bargains For on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 10, 2022
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Cynthia Watros

Cynthia Watros

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly confronts Nina and demands to know exactly what happened in Nixon Falls. Carly accuses her of seducing Sonny, which Nina denies. Nina says she did her best to stay away from Sonny and brings up New Year's Eve, which is news to Carly.

Carly calls Nina a conniving bitch and how she'll always be one. Nina calls Carly an idiot that she's here instead of with Sonny. Nina says Sonny will eventually come to her and she won't turn him away. Carly says "Mike" was an illusion, but Nina disagrees. She tells Carly that they almost had sex, but that Nina stopped it and not Sonny. Carly says "Mike" loved Nina, but Nina says what happened in Nixon Falls could happen again. Carly slaps Nina across the face and warns her to stay away from Sonny.

Laura tells Sonny about Luke's death and Cyrus' "Come to Jesus" moment. She notices Sonny's distraction and offers to listen. Sonny says he screwed up and doesn't think he can fix it. He explains what happened in Nixon Falls and how "Mike" fell in love with Nina. He wants to leave that behind him and move on.

Laura says he kept information from Carly and wonders why he's protecting Nina. Sonny knows that Nina put his family through hell, but he has feelings for her. Sonny admits that he still has dreams of his time in Nixon Falls and can't separate his feelings.

Trina catches Curtis and Portia kissing, which makes things awkward for a minute. Trina mentions the cabin trip and Curtis offers to leave the women alone to talk. Trina mentions Spencer working at the gallery and how Ava was mean to him. Trina worries that she's a third wheel with the couples going to the cabin and how annoyed she is with Esme.

Portia's not happy that Trina is allowing Esme to mess with her head, but Trina says she wants to go on the trip to make happy memories for Spencer before he does his time. Portia tells Trina to enjoy herself despite Esme.

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Liz tells Finn she found her ring in her locker and has no idea how it got there. Finn wonders if one of her boys put it in her pocket as a message they aren't ready for her to move on. Liz says she thought the boys were happy for her and can't believe either of them would do something so manipulative. Liz decides maybe one of the boys found the ring and put it in her pocket and she'll speak to them. The two put their date on hold.

Spencer complains to Esme about Ava holding his money over his head. Esme asks about Trina being at the meeting. Spencer says Trina will be his supervisor. The two start making out on the couch when Victor shows up.

Spencer complains to Victor about Ava and Nikolas, but Victor says it's time for the Cassadines to come together as a united front. Spencer says Nikolas is no longer part of his family and only wants Victor and Alexis as his family. Spencer complains about Valentin trying to kill him. Victor dismisses it, and says Valentin and Ava are members of the family. Esme defends Spencer, but Victor says the fighting has to end and Spencer needs to put family first.

Marshall runs into TJ at the hospital. TJ tells him that he doesn't want a relationship with Marshall if it upsets Curtis. Marshall complains that Curtis wants to know where he's been all these years, but it's too painful to talk about.

Marshall wants Curtis to see who he is now. TJ says it's not what Curtis wants and wonders how awful Marshall's past is that he's not talking. Curtis shows up to check on TJ and is not happy to see Marshall. Marshall says he knows Curtis is looking for answers.

Sonny gets a voicemail that he's out of refills for his lithium prescription.

Laura gets home to find Victor waiting for her.

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